What to Consider Before Choosing Your Domain Name

If you are planning to register a domain name for your blog or website, you might be overwhelmed by the number of options before you. There are numerous top-level domains (TLD), domain extensions, domain name registrars, and so on. The number of combinations is staggering and ultimately, this can lead to the selection of a sub-optimal choice. 

Selecting a good domain is no joke, as a lot of things depend on the quality of your decision. First of all, your domain must match the identity of your website, it must attract attention, and it must be appropriate for any products or services you are trying to sell.

Your domain name is the first impression your website or business makes on potential clients. Therefore, it is essential to create an image that will reflect your professionalism and reliability. Here are the most important things you should consider before choosing a domain name for your website.

1. Stand out in the crowd

Instead of aiming to compete with existing businesses, you must find a way to draw attention to your website and focus your energy on maintaining your website’s performance. If you see similar businesses with similar domains, you must ensure that your domain name is nothing like theirs in order to gain more attention. 

Domain names are all about getting noticed. Make your business easy to find, memorable, and exceptional with a truly outstanding and totally unique domain name.

2. Ensure simple spelling

Your domain must be easily understood, easy to remember, and easy to spell. While you should give your domain much thought before choosing one, simplicity is key. If you type in an incorrect address into your web browser, it will auto-correct with the closest possible match to ensure simple spelling. You should also be aware of common misspellings, in the case that your domain isn’t at all that simple.

If users find it difficult when typing your domain name into their web search, you may have created a name that will obstruct the incoming traffic you are trying to achieve. Your domain must contain one or two words that will let customers know what your website offers. Don’t let simple spelling mistakes hold you back from getting a great domain name. Ensure it’s spelled correctly and that your URL is easy to read and memorable.

3. Do your research

With the number of websites already available on the Internet, whatever domain name you can think of, it has most likely already been come up with. Using tools such as keyword searches, trademark searches, and domain name generators can improve the research that you are doing on your domain name or the domain you intend to use. Remember that taking a domain that is already in use could end up having to be settled legally. As soon as you make a decision on your domain, you must proceed to do the following. Choose a domain registrar, choose a web host, and then proceed to create your website.

4. Keep it concise

Your domain is the face of your website. When informing someone of your domain, your goal is for there to be no question as to what your website or business provides. Always short and sweet, If you’re a big business with lots of customers, you may want to consider having your domain name match the search terms exactly. For example, if your business sells gardening tools (garden spades), then that may be the best way to capture potential consumers who are looking for information related to garden spades.

5. Make it engaging

Having a domain name for your website that gathers attention and spikes interest as to what you are intending to sell is key. Your domain name should be suitable for your brand. Your domain name is more than just a website address. It’s a reflection of your business, products and services, customers, and industry. Exact match or keyword-rich domains are critical to driving traffic from search engines. A strong domain name is part of a successful brand strategy with the power to build business recognition, increase customer trust, boost sales, and much more. Ensuring your domain name is suitable for your business, services, and products is also a step forward. 

6. Choose the right domain extension

Not only is the extension .com the most popular in domain names, but it is also the first one that comes to mind. Lucky for small businesses choosing the right domain extension can mean the difference between continued success and forever searching. ` The domain extension should be relevant to your business, easy for customers to remember and find, be unique as possible  Aim for a good ranking in search engines. What you include in your domain name can ensure success or failure, so choose wisely.

7. Take note of trademarks

Before creating your website, you must ensure that you are not violating any trademark rights as this could hurt your website in the future. Before including highly known products such as Facebook or Twitter, it is advised to review their terms and conditions as you must be aware if they allow their name to be used in your domain.

8. Enable location

With local businesses, stating where your business is placed in your domain name will increase the number of locally-based customers or viewers. They will be able to easily access your website and remember it for future use.

9. Enjoy your domain name

The first person who should be happy about your domain name is you, as once you have placed your domain name, changing it later will only affect your invested time, branding, and money.


In a subtle way, domain names have a great influence on the success or failure of any website. In fact, SEO for your site begins with your domain name. So getting it right will mean you have started on the right SEO path. If you need help with SEO, you can reach out to industry experts like Synapse SEO who will help your website appear (or rank) as high as possible in search results. Bottom line, ensure you put lots of thought and research into making the right decision on your domain name. 

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