Top 3 Wet Slides You Cannot Miss

Wet Slides

When summer comes, the watermelon and icy drink just become our top enjoyment. Meanwhile, inviting several of your best friends to have fun in the water amusement park could be extremely delightful as well. If you are in full accord with me, I bet you must be familiar with those water slip slides in the park, your pleasant and unforgettable memory must be, to some extent, related to these diverse infrastructures. Which ones are your favourite? Which ones give you a sense of challenge and excitement? Follow the steps to see those wet slides you cannot miss.

Founded in 1999, Guangdong Dalang Water Amusement Park Equipment Co., Ltd is a subsidiary company of Dalang Group. They own the intelligent, automated, modern as the standard, most advanced European five-axis CNC machine to make the equipment mold, creating a new landmark in the water park manufacturing industry! Not only their equipment is creative, but its safety standard is reliable as well.

Recently, the innovative designers have created some new designs which will definitely blow your mind. Let’s take a closer look in advance.

Opening super trump:

Beginning from the starting point of the platform, you can fly into the vast trumpet-shaped water slides, just like being sucked in by a tornado, which gives you a sense of weightlessness. The physical examination in the rapid slide is like the beauty of sliding in the wind, especially suitable for tourists who like to experience the excitement and novelty when they reach the inside of the trumpet.

The newly established opening super trump has a more shocking shape than before. A long slide at the beginning will straightly lead you into a trumpet-like wet slide with its two side curved. Various sound and light effects are added above the grid to achieve a more dynamic play than the regular big speakers!

Space racing:

Usually, this is a kind of very classic water park playing slide, with the parallel design of multiple lanes, generally 3-10 lanes. You can use your body or floating mat to slide and start the race at the same time. The participation and interaction of the device are kind of strong so that tourists can participate in the competition many times, and get a unique experience of joy and pleasure.

When it comes to this new bowl, the most significant innovation of this slide would be that the two lanes start from the same point, but heads toward opposite directions. Visitors from different directions will meet later in the same bowl, and they will be able to separate and greet each other from time to time.

Wavy octopus racing:

This water slide has six lanes, which allows a group of people to enjoy the racing fun together. They firstly start at the same point, then be divided into two groups, they slide down along two different circles. After the short deviation, there is a reunion on the lanes. Next, they would experience the merriment of pushing up and down on the lanes.

The difference between this slide and the traditional rainbow slide is that the play is a 2-person leather jacket with a closed curve section and an undulating section. It’s more family-oriented, gathering more fun, playable, and more beautiful. Looking down to the slides, it shapes like rainbow-color flowers.

All the slides are better experiencing than hearing. Go to the water amusement park, you would have your own thoughts of these intriguing wet slides. And Dalang is always by the side to provide all the fun.

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