Champion title as career boost


With a championship title to career success: seize the opportunity, do something good for your career and boost your position, your salary and your security with the master certificate. Climb the career ladder steeply upwards. Competent Bachelor Professional of Electrical Technology and Management are more in demand than ever, because we can no longer do without electronic equipment. Become a qualified specialist with the Bachelor Professional of Electrical Technology and Management, take on managerial or organisational tasks or increase your career prospects in industry.

What does the industrial foreman bring me for my career?

With the Bachelor Professional you gain the necessary knowledge to take on more complex and planning tasks. If you were previously only employed in production, the Bachelor Professional will give you the opportunity to organize these work processes, optimize production and guide personnel. All in all, more responsibility, which is naturally reflected in your salary. With the Bachelor Professional, you are making a giant leap in your career. However, if you prefer to change employers in order to start your career, the Bachelor Professional will give you better career prospects. Such a master’s title reads well on your CV and convinces every personnel manager.

What are the advantages of a master class?

Advanced further training builds on existing vocational training and experience and also provides more specific training. Cross-professional knowledge, current specialist knowledge, entitlement to study, recognised qualification, legally protected job title – these are the things you take with you from training in addition to the official Bachelor Professional’s certificate.

All these aspects ensure that you can now assume leadership responsibility including planning tasks and thus climb the career ladder. The Bachelor Professional of Electrical Technology and Management (CCI) also prepares you for industrial production and large companies. So you can move up to production manager or manager with an attractive salary. Such master studies are particularly popular in Germany and students who graduated such specialized studies can await wide choice of work and high salaries. More about studies in Germany you can find here.

What do I do with the title of master craftsman?

With the title, you can of course take on a responsible position, become head of a specific production section and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Without a master degree, it is almost impossible to enter middle management. With the title you manage the production of electronic devices, lead employees and work in the automotive industry, for example. Here you are dealing with complex systems that are under your management. You will be involved in the assembly and commissioning of these plants and machines. In general, it is important to apply the newly acquired skills from the master class across all professions and companies. Alternatively, the master degree will also help you change employers and increase your chances of finding a job.

The Bachelor Professional is characterized by a combination of a high level of training and practical work experience. This combination is responsible for the master class boosting your career and making you a manager. Become the link between development, management and production and climb the career ladder.

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