What Can Speed Up Granite Deterioration?

Granite is a natural stone, so it is a very durable material. It can last for decades with proper use and care. If you have a granite worktop in your home, you can expect it to be of service to you for years, but if you don’t do your part in taking care of and using it, it will deteriorate quickly. If you have a damaged granite worktop, London companies can service it and fix the damage. Take a look at some of the things that you can avoid that will inevitably affect the integrity of your stone counter and shorten its life.


Even when used regularly, granite will not crack easily. So what causes cracks on the surface? Improper handling and installation of the slab can result in cracks, which will eventually worsen over time. Standing on the counter and putting pressure on the stone can also cause cracking. Another reason is placing a hot object directly onto the stone.


Granite is stain-resistant, but with neglect, even water can stain the surface. If there is any liquid spill on the slab, it is best to wipe it away immediately. Letting the liquid sit on the stone for a considerable amount of time will result in staining. The liquid will seep into it and leave a mark. Wiping it with a soft cloth and warm water when there is a spill will prevent staining.


When a harsh chemical or liquid comes into contact with the granite’s surface, it will create a chemical reaction called etching. Liquids such as vinegar, bleach, juice, wine or soda can dull the stone’s surface. It may look like a stain at first, but on closer inspection, it is actually the exposed surface of the stone without the seal. Using a sealant or polish regularly will protect the stone from etching.

Wrong cleaner

Hazing is the result when you use an inappropriate cleaning solution. The granite’s surface becomes cloudy or hazy. When you use soap to clean the surface, make sure that there is no more residue left, as it can result in the hazing of the granite. Use only water when cleaning the countertop, and wipe dry any wetness left to avoid it from drying into a watermark.

Heat damage

Granite is naturally heat resistant, but the sealant is not. If you repeatedly place hot pots and pans on the countertop, the heat will remove the sealant, exposing the stone itself to extreme heat. The heat can cause cracks in the stone’s surface. If you need to place a hot pan on the counter, make sure to use a coaster big enough to cover the surface of the hot pan.

Granite’s incredible durability and strength to withstand the test of time is not immune to damage. Minor issues can turn into major ones if you neglect them. Once you see a small spot with a scratch, etching or stain, contact your service provider right away so they can take a look at your countertop and do something about the damage to prevent it from getting worse.

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