Reasons Why Your Car Charger Is Slow And Ways To Overcome It

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You may find while charging your phone from the USB port of your car that it is quite slow. Well there are several reasons for that and there is nothing to worry about it because there are ways in which you can better it.

Almost all modern vehicles come with a USB port that is mostly used as an audio input option. There may be a few vehicles that may even have a couple of these USB ports and some larger vehicles can have even more than that numbering often to six or eight ports that are spread all though the cabin.

Ideally, these ports are most handy outlets to provide easy access to everyone in the car to charge their phone or laptop up. Apart from the electronic devices, most of the ports that are by front seats are also used to provide music and videos to the infotainment system of the vehicle. All these use up a lot of power from the battery of the car which eventually results in slow charging of your mobile devices.

These facts answer your first question of why your car charger works so slowly and also takes away an obvious concern whether the apple car charger India is genuine as it claims or not.

Speed of charging

As for the second part of it as to how you can increase the efficacy of the car chargers it turns out that there are a few factors that will influence the speed of your car chargers. These are:

  • USB 2.0 or 3.0: Just like any other technology, the USBs also get upgraded every couple of years, if not every year. Ideally, most of the cars come with a built-in UBS 2.0 port or ports which is traditional and old by itself. These still works well but are slow in drawing out and delivering electricity. This calls for the newer USB 3.0 ports that will charge it considerably faster and higher but not as high as compared to any wall charger. The fun fact is that you can only have these newer ports in your car only when it has Apple CarPlay.
  • A weak cord: You may also have a weaker cord which will inevitably reduce the speed of charging. Most people retain the same cord of the wall charger that comes with the phone which is a good practice but the problem is with the USB cord in your car. You will get what you pay for and therefore if you buy a cheap $5 cord from a gas station you are done with it. It is best to buy another USB cord from the manufacturer of your phone to get the best connection and faster charge.

The USB port is also another thing to bother if you want faster charge. If you do not use the car USB port to listen to music or for Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, you will be able to charge your phone at least 2 to 3 times faster.

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