5 Undeniable Reasons Your Electricity Bills are High

Are you always in a panic when the end month has come and you are yet to receive your electricity bill? It can be discouraging to try to save money when you are not certain the amount it will cost for your utilities every month. At this juncture, all the blame is directed to your electricity service provider for raising the rates. Remember even if you get a service provider with the best electric rates, the way you use electricity will determine your monthly bills. Your bills will always be higher or lower depending on your usage. To help you lower your monthly electricity bill, this article has highlighted some of the obvious reasons your electricity bill might be higher than you wish. Although many of the reasons that cause your electricity bill to hike are within your control, there are others that are out of control.If you’re distressed from high electricity bills, it may be because of:

  1. Weather

Weather changes drastically and can be a big reason why your electric bill skyrockets during the summer and winter months. When most of the home’s electricity costs come from heating and cooling, extreme weather conditions can cause a major hike-in your electric charges and cause damage to your wallet.

As the weather is an uncontrollable factor, it is advised to program some of the home appliances, such as the thermostat, to save yourself against increasing monthly electricity charges. It can save a lot when you raise your thermostat just a single degree during the summer season and lower it a single degree during the winter to save yourself some money.

  1. Leaving your appliances plugged into the socket

This is one of the unidentified factors that can increase your energy bill without you even knowing. Why leave your electronics and appliances plugged into the socket when you are not using them?With most modern machines, even after power off, they are always consuming power.When you switch off your computer, most people don’t know that it is still on. Even if you power it off, it will still be in standby mode meaning it still consumes power. Therefore ensure you unplug all electronics and appliances that you are not using to safeguard yourself against the hike in electric rates.

  1. Using appliances that consume high amount of electricity

Do you have a dishwasher, clothes washer or clothes dryers in your home? These appliances have a bigger appetite for electricity and, when used regularly, your electricity bills will with no doubt go up.  For your dishwasher, you must make sure it is full before you switch it on, and ensure you select the right wash cycle and adjust the drying settings to consume no or low heat. For washers and dryers, ensure you don’t do laundry on a excessively, you can do it weekly so that you fill it to capacity and choose low heat for drying.

  1. More users is equal to more usage

How many people are in your home? It is obvious that during holiday seasons more people are in your home than usual. As a result, more energy is likely to be consumed generally for a longer period of time causing your energy bill to go up. This is because appliances like water heaters and air conditioning will be more when there are more people in the house.

  1. Misusing lights and ceiling fans

This is another factor that can hike your electricity bill without your knowledge. There are times when you will switch on all the lights in the entire room to make it bright, but in the long run, you will be increasing your electric bill by doing this. Yes, is good to have a bright room, but do you really need all the lights to be on in your room? You might be able to get by with just using a few lights or by dimming the lights. Also, make sure lights and ceiling fans are off in rooms you are not using. This can save you a lot on your electricity bill each month.

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