Top 5 Gmail App Alternative

When talking about the biggest email platform nowadays, it is undoubtedly Gmail. Yes, being designed and developed by the giant company, Google, Gmail offers many amazing features that make the users love to use it. However, it doesn’t mean that other email providers are less qualified. For the alternatives of Gmail, there are at least 4 email providers recommended for you.

iCloud Mail

The users of Apple product must be familiar with this one. Well, once you verify your iPhone or iPad, you must be asked to make an ID. The email address to make the ID can be claimed as yours anyway. In fact, iCloud has many advantageous and unique features anyway. One of them is the application of big suite consists of numerous internet-based tools like contact, calendar, note, and many more. It is still added by the safety feature to make sure that you will not be disturbed by spam and hacking activities.


What is the biggest competitor of Google anyway? The answer can be Apple or Microsoft. Well, if Apple has iCloud, there is now Microsoft with its Outlook. Outlook is an email platform in which the safety is really guaranteed. When you want to log in, there are two forms of identification. Sure, it makes hackers find it more difficult to entering your account. Meanwhile, you also have a complete access to set your inbox. Some unique features available are Undelete, Clutter, and popular software integration.

AOL Mail

AOL Mail is one of the initial companies in the world of internet, known in 1980 as America Online. Being bought by Verizon in 2015, it still has numerous popular components for email. Besides, it has main important features that are not owned by the others. It is due to the personalization of email address using My Address feature. It enables the users to have their own email domain. More than that, AOL Mail also features sophisticated spam filter and virus protection. With unlimited storage space, you should not worry that it will be eaten up due to the email media with big capacity.

Zoho Mail

Advertisement is often annoyed indeed when it comes when we want to open certain accounts including email. So, do you want a platform without advertisement? If yes, Zoho is the best answer. There are several levels of premium available and you can still choose the free one. There are numerous features offered like minimum storage capacity of 5GB for free account including antivirus protection and spam filter. Other productivity tools are calendar, task, and note. You must not worry since the advertisement is not appeared even in the free one.

GMX Mail

GMX Mail is a good email account and the most importantly, it is free. Similar to AOL Mail, the storage capacity is unlimited. So, this account is much recommended for business email account. Interestingly, you can set up how long the emails will be kept in the inbox. If you want them to be saved for only a week, you can determine a week as the saving period and after it is gone, the mails can be automatically deleted. So, do you want to have this Gmail app alternative?

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