Top 6 Benefits of a Bamboo Cutting Board

Apart from traditional woods, bamboo has become more prevalent for cutting boards since it has numerous advantages.That being said, bamboo is mostly used as it is environmentally friendly while others like plastic, glass, and maple are not environmentally friendly. Today, you can get the best bamboo cutting boards on the market. This article highlights some of the benefits of bamboo cutting boards that you cannot get from wood and plastic.

  1. Tough and long-lasting

Unlike woods, glass and plastic, bamboo cutting boards are considered to be strong and long-lasting. Moreover, bamboo is not heavier although it is stronger when compared to wood, thus making it the best material for chopping surface. In fact, mambo is 16% stronger and tougher than maple. You can use it as a cutting surface. Bamboo cutting boards inhibits deep cuts better than other materials such as wood and is durable than traditional wood cutting boards. Bamboo boards are tough enough to endure for good easy cutting while soft-enough to not mutilate your kitchen knives.

  1. Low maintenance material

Although other materials like maple and walnut are made from dense woods and that they are waterproof thus preventing the wood from bacteria, when choosing a cutting board, regardless of whether the material is high-quality, you need to ensure that your cutting boards is regularly maintained as this prevents it from cracking.

The reasons why bamboo cutting boards have gained popularity in the recent past years, is that they require low maintenance. However, it is good to avoid putting it in a dishwasher as there is extreme heat.

  1. Knife friendly cutting surface

When used a cutting surface, bamboo cutting boards are the best and most popularly used as they are knife friendly. This means that your knife will not go blunt when you cut your vegetables in the kitchen using the bamboo cutting boards as your cutting surface. In fact your knife will remain sharper for a long period than when you use other materials like plastic or hardwood cutting boards.

  1. Green, renewable and eco-friendly

Bamboo is the best renewable material popularly used. Although it is popularly used by many people, some are still not sure whether bamboo is a grass or a tree. However, bamboo is a grass and this is vital since it grows faster. In fact a healthy bamboo sprout can grow fully in a span of 3 to 6 years before it’s coped for harvest. On the other hand, a maple tree can stay up to 30 years to become fully grown for cutting and harvesting.

When it comes to the environment, bamboo is eco-friendly. As faster growing grass, bamboo is considered to be economically-harvested and this is the reason why individuals in the building industry have opted to use bamboo, also because bamboo is affordable and long-lasting. However, when buying a bamboo board, you are advised to be careful since other sellers like processing bamboo cutting boards using glues and formaldehydes which are harmful to your foods. Ensure that the company uses treatment methods that are not poisonous.

  1. Bamboo is a beautiful grass

Generally, bamboo looks noble. Since bamboo has a natural appearance, many chefs love it and the modern stylishness that it carries. Moreover, chefs don’t have to be concerned about wood scarring as bamboo cutting boards maintains a smooth and sleek for a long time. In addition, bamboo does not absorb water which makes it less likely to crack and split like traditional wood boards. Bamboo is also stain-resistant, which is often aconcern with meats and acidic plants such as tomatoes.

  1. Bamboo is not easily infected with bacteria

Another benefit with bamboo is its ability to resist bacteria. Bamboo has capability to fight bacteria. In fact research has confirmed that bamboo cutting boards are healthier and can be used in many areas than the regular wood boards. Plastic cutting boards are prone to cracks and when they crack, the cracks form a hiding and breeding ground for bacteria. Bamboo is a non-absorbent material and the surface does not damage your knife. This also makes your knife to stay sharper for a longer period of time and the bamboo cutting boards can be cleaned easily. Additionally, bamboo cutting boards are safe for use in food preparation.

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