5 Best YouTube Apps for Better Online Marketing

Best YouTube Apps for MarketingBest YouTube Apps for Marketing

YouTube functions are not just for entertainment and information; many YouTube app products are now aimed to support online marketing. YouTube’s audio visual charm can be more engaging than blog or podcast, and it can boost your marketing result if used efficiently. Using the right apps can help you applying YouTube more properly for online marketing, using methods that you cannot do without any apps.

List of Best YouTube Apps for Marketing

Whether you want to create more engagement with customers or increase SEO ranks, here are 5 best apps you can use to increase the success of online marketing with YouTube:

Video Answers to Fan Questions

This YouTube app was released in 2012, and a part of FanBridge website that has been used by public figures, actors, and musicians. With this app, you can record video responses to any questions your fans may send, so you can increase engagement level with your YouTube followers.

Tube Toolbox

This app helps you increase your community members, and in the end, increase engagement level and SEO ranking. This app will automatically subscribe to other channels that have the same topic or niche with you. In turn, you can also subscribe to their channels, and they can subscribe to yours in turn. Do not worry when using this app, because Tube Toolbox is compliant with all YouTube terms.


This app makes you feel like having personal assistance in increasing YouTube engagement. This app helps you promoting your videos, but only those whose watched history show similar videos with yours. Therefore, you get higher chance of getting new subscribers that are genuinely interested with what you have to say. In addition, it can handle those YouTube tasks even when you are away for business.

Video Gating

This YouTube app is perfect if you already have huge subscribers and want to increase engagement level with them. With this app, you can create customized preview video that informs subscribers about an upcoming video you will upload. Also, you can create customized webpage on YouTube channel, and create a “watching limit,” regulating how many people can watch your videos before they have to subscribe in order to watch the rest.


This is a great app if you use YouTube for affiliate marketing. AVS can create videos based on your images and URLs, and help you getting high traffic from both YouTube and general SEO (the latter is from indirect traffic).

These are not the only apps you can use, but so far, they are among the most popular and easy to use apps for YouTube marketers or celebrities.

Pixability “Coffee” YouTube Apps

Pixability has created four YouTube apps that all have coffee-related names: Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso and Caffeine. These four apps have different functions, but with the same goal of increasing YouTube video engagement and targeting more related audiences. Latte boosts targeted ads based on the audiences’ interests.

Cappuccino helps targeting customers with the combination between content marketing and ads. Espresso boosts your video marketing promotion, and Caffeine provides analytics and social media engagement for your videos. With the right YouTube app, you can boost traffic and increase engagement in short time.

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