Why you should use a VPN service?

In this article we will write about the subject VPN, how VPN can be used to enhance your safety and possibilities online, and mention different VPN providers.

What is a VPN service?

VPN has grown very fast in popularity in recent times, but there are still many people that don’t know what a VPN service is. This is not so strange, because it is only in recent times that VPN has become very popular.

To explain shortly, VPN is a way to establish a secure connection between you and a external server elsewhere in the world. Different VPN providers have access to a number of different servers around the world.

By signing up to a VPN program, you can use the VPN program to connect to different servers around the world. When you are connected to such a server, all of your online traffic will go trough this server before it reaches the internet. This will give you many different benefits.

Firstly, your IP adress will be hidden. Because of this is will not be possible for others to see who you are. This is because you will get the IP address of the server you are connected to. Basicly you will «trick» other people on the internet so that they believe that you are someone else.

Secondly, as you will get the IP address of the server you are connected to, you can switch IP address between different countries. This will allow you to avoid geoblocking.

Why should you use a VPN service?

There are many different reasons for why you should use a VPN service. Basicly the reasons for why you should use a VPN service are the same as the benefits you get from using a VPN program.

Firstly, as noted earlier, your IP adress will be hidden. Because of this VPN is probably most associated with online security. In many countries such as Russia, China and Indonesia, the government is monitoring the inhabitants internet traffic. In some countries people are also punished because of different things they do online, like publishing protest articles about the government.

By using a VPN service, people in these countries will be able to protect themselves from surveillance from the government.

Many people also use VPN to download files illegally via torrenting.

Another point of using VPN is to avoid hacking from third parties. There are a number of people out there who can use different methods and steal information about you online. Using a VPN will make it much more difficult for such people to hack your computer. The reason for this is that they will not be able to know your IP address. For example, if you find yourself on a public Internet, a VPN will be a very good measure against hacking.

Aside from the security element, people also use VPN to avoid geo-limitations. Since many TV channels and similar streaming services only can be watched in certain countries, it has become a sport to use VPN to circumvent such restrictions.

This applies for example to American Netflix. The American Netflix version has a much better content than the Netflix version in other countries.

Howewer, by connecting to a US server via VPN you will have access to American Netflix even if you are in another country.

People in Sweden are for example also crazy about VPN. This is because all of the national TV channels are blocked outside the country, and the Swedish people love to travel. By connecting to a Swedish VPN server these people will get a Swedish IP address. If you are a Swedish citizen you can see a list of the best VPN services for Sweden here.

This also also applies to a number of other TV channels, In Britain famous channels like BBC and ITV are blocked outside of the great island.

Another reason people use VPN to avvoid geoblocking is for «escaping» georestrictions. In countries such as China and Russia a number of services such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram are blocked or substantially censored. By using a VPN the population can bypass such censorship.

Which VPN services are best?

If you are interested in VPN after reading this article, it is of course important to find the best VPN service for your need.

There are both paid and free VPN services. In short, it is important to understand that you are likely to have to pay for a good VPN service, because the free VPN services are often simply not good enough.

Among other things, the speed will often be slow, the servers will be few, and security will also often be weak. Many free VPN services also have a reputation for selling information about their users.

We therefore recommend paid VPN services. There are over 100 paid VPN services so there are many to choose from. Most are pretty good.

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