Tumblr – Microblogging And Social Media Platform

Tumblr is pronounced as “Tumbler” is a blogging website and a social media networking platform. This website was founded by David Karp in the year 2007, but currently it is owned by Automatic an American company. On this website bloggers can post and upload photos and videos and also text blogs. The bloggers can make their blogs private if they want to do so. The features bloggers can access through the dashboard interface.

By January 2016 the Tumblr was having over 500 million blog users monthly, but by August 2019 it has dropped to over 400 million users. It was recorded by August 2019 on Tumblr over 475 blogs were posted. Due to the privacy and strict rules and ban on NSFW contents the Tumblr users have been decreased. The blog users started finding the Tumblr alternative. There are many alternatives for Tumblr as of now.


The contract was signed for the development of Tumblr between David Karp and the Software Consulting company in the year 2006. As David Karp was interested in the tumblelogs, it’s the short form of blogs and hence the name given was Tumblr. For this David Karp was waiting for one of the blogging companies to introduce themselves for this project. As Karp didn’t found anyone for this, then he along with developer Marco Arment started the development of Tumblr and was launched in February 2007. And they got the huge achievement of 75,000 users just in the two weeks of the launch of Tumblr. To focus on the Instapaper Marco Arment step out from the company in September 2010.

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The first advertising campaign was launched in June 2012 on the Tumblr blog by the name official soccer Tumblr blog for Adidas. It was announced that the Tumblr and Yahoo have signed the agreement for the Yahoo Inc to get Tumblr for $1.1 billion. But many of the Tumblr users were not happy with this and they even signed the petition against this agreement. Later on David Karp remained the CEO of the company and the agreement was signed finally on 23rd June 2013. Later on the Verizon Communications taker over the Yahoo Inc. in June 2017. In November 2017 Karp left from the position of CEO and then Jeff D’Onofrio was appointed as the new CEO of the Tumblr.

The Verizon Communications announced on 12th August 2019 that they will be selling the Tumblr to Automatic which is the operator of the WordPress.com blog services.

Features OF Tumblr

  • Blog ManagementDashboard

For the Tumblr users the dashboard is the primary tool for blogging. It has many advanced features also. With the help of the dashboard the users can upload or post the photos, videos, and the text blogs easily.

  • Queue

The blog users on the Tumblr can schedule their posts to be uploaded on the website when they want to, i.e. they can write the blog and save it in their account and can post it later or can set the date to post it later.

  • Tags

The users of the blog can set the tags for the readers to search for their favorite topics easily.

  • HTML Ending

Tumblr allows its users to control the appearances of their blogs to the readers with the help of HTML coding and they can also choose their domain of the blogs.

  • Mobile

In 2009 the Tumblr service was made available for the first time for the mobile users. For first it was available for the iPhone users and then on 17th April 2010 the service was also made available for the Blackberry mobile users. Later on, in 2012 the Android mobile app was launched for the Tumblr users, and for Windows OS mobile phones the app was launched on 23rd April 2013.

Conclusion: That is all about the Tumblr blogging website and its features. Here I tried to provide almost all the information about the invention of the Tumblr and its features.

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