The Best iPhone Applications

What is the best iPhone applications you should have? There are at least 15 applications that were considered as the best applications in 2014.

Office applications

In the first category, we the office applications. These are the applications to help you working like typing or processing data and organizing documents as if you were working on your computer. In the first chart we have Microsoft Outlook. It is the best application to increase your productivity for Microsoft Out will help you organizing your documents, emails, event in you Google calender. The best part of this application is that you can download this application for your iPhone, any of your iPhone for free.

In the second place we have CamScammer Pro. It is also another productivity application that helps you staying connected to your DropBox, Google Drive, and email at once. This application is also helpful to change word file into pdf and to scan pictures with your phone. You can download CamScammer Pro for $3.9 only for this office best iPhone applications.

Business application

In the third place, you have to consider the business application that is called TapACall Pro. It helps you stay online on all your media social and provide you automatic answering machine and organizing data for all of your media social. Indeed, it can help you increasing your business especially if you have a lot of productive website. It can also be very helpful if you have several online shops. It helps you answering your clients as soon as possible even if in your super busy schedule.

Entertainment applications

At last, there are also some entertainment application such as the iTunes. It is the best music application fo any iPhone and MacBook ever.

Which one must we have?

It cannot be just decided. It actually depends on your needs and your iPhone specifications. To make sure you are installing the right application there several things you have to check. First, your needs. It is very suggested for you to install just the applications that you need. Installing random applications will take a lot of memory and may make your iPhone run slower.

Second, consider the iPhone operating system. Even if you are going to install some applications that are specifically designed for iPhone. Still you have to pay attention of your iPhone series. It determines which application you can install. The best iPhone applications would be the one that improve your life.

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