Top 5 Credit Cards in India to Pay Medical Bills

Finding a credit card in India that best suits your needs can get really tough at times especially because there are so many choices and each credit card comes with varied features & advantages. But when it comes to medical expenses or payment of medical bills, finding that one credit card which is the most suitable is a huge task in itself. The list of the top credit cards in India can evolve over the years due to change in the terms and conditions of the card providers but, at this point, there are a few that stand out.   


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Here is a list of top credit cards in India, 5 that are highlighted below that we can use to pay medical bills:

1.Standard Chartered Ultimate Car

This is an excellent option as the user gets a high number of rewards on all the spending categories including medical bill payments. Following are the benefits:

  • Consumers receive a welcome gift of INR 10,000 cashback on tickets booked via MakeMyTrip of they are booked within the first 90 days. 
  • On all the spend, the customer receives about 3.33% rupee value back (5 points per INR 150 spend where 1 point=1 cashback). The reward rate which is high in nature applies to everything including medical bills with no exceptions whatsoever.
  •  It has great travel benefits, including four airport lounge visits every quarter (Visa program), and if you happen to reach the monthly spend of Rs.20,000, one free priority pass stay per month.
  • 5% off duty-free purchases is also in store for you and you pay a 2% foreign currency transaction fee overseas, which is far lesser than the usual 3.5% on most other cards.

One should consider the SC Ultimate Card to earn great cashback rewards on your medical bill payments amongst everything else and great perks. The annual fee is Rs.5,000 & some of the other perks include, 2 free domestic golf games/month (one free guest game/month), medical emergency, air accident cover of Rs. 1 crore, bag delay, hijacking,1 free golf coaching session/month, loss of bags/personal docs and flight delay coverage.

2. BOB Financial Prime Card

The BOB Financial Prime Card is a great choice for medical bill payments in case you would to consider a secured credit card. Also known as a credit card against a fixed deposit, a nice card to start with for building credit, and eventually one can switch to a more valuable card in the long run. Following are some of its benefits:

  • It has the lowest deposit requirement (Rs. 15,000) in India. 
  • The BOB Prime provides you with 1% rupee value back (4 points for Rs. 100 spent, 4 points = Rs. 1) on all types of spend, which includes medical bills, which is the best rate among secured cards. 
  •  One of its other perks includes a Fuel Surcharge Waiver applicable for transactions between Rs. 400 – 5,000; where the maximum of Rs. 250 is waived per month.

Overall, one can apply for the BOB Prime to earn good value back on your medical bills and another spend while you need a credit card against a fixed deposit.

3. JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Diners Club Credit Card

The JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Diners Club Credit Card is one of the most beneficial cards in India for frequent flyers who prefer to book on InterMiles.The card’s annual fees are easily neutralized by the welcome and renewal bonuses. Following are the advantages:

  • High-spending consumers that achieve high spending of Rs. 150,000 within 90 days can earn more Intermiles.  
  • All card charges (except fuel) earn a great 2.4% value back (8 miles per Rs. 150, 1 point = 1 InterMile = Rs. 0.45), including on medical bills.
  •  Additionally, the card offers a separate rewards rate on Etihad Airways of 6.0% (20 Intermiles per Rs. 150, 1 point = 1 InterMile = Rs. 0.45),10% discount on business ticket purchases with an additional 5% discount on economy tickets. 
  • You’ll get an excellent 4.5% back (16 miles per Rs. 150; 1 Intermile = Rs. 0.45) on Intermiles platform flight purchases.
  • In case of additional benefits, the card is one of the few in the market with unlimited lounge access, specifically to the Diners Club network (600+ lounges worldwide). 

The annual fees are Rs.10,000 for the first year & Rs.5,00 for the second year. One also gets a great value back on your medical bills among other benefits.

4. Axis Bank Pride Signature Credit Card

This is the most valuable no-annual-fee option for medical bill payments. There is no fee in your first year as a card member that one has to pay, but the amount of Rs. 500 fee in subsequent years is charged if you don’t surpass Rs. 40,000 in annual spend. But, this requirement should be easily achievable for many. Some of its benefits include:

  • Most of the credit card’s value is earned from its great 1.6% back (8 points per Rs. 200 spent; 1 point = Rs. 0.40 Yatra vouchers) on all transactions (except fuel), including medical bills. 
  • One also gets 2 airport lounge visits per quarter across 5 major domestic cities.
  • Some other benefits on fuel and additional dining benefits.

 If one wants a no-fee credit card that will give a good return on medical bills too, this card is a great choice.

5. Air India SBI Signature Credit Card

For Air India flyers, this card is the best option. 

  • The majority of the card’s monetary value comes from its bonuses, including its welcome gift worth Rs. 9,000 in Air India miles.
  •  If you happen to be a very high spender, you stand a chance of achieving anniversary bonuses of up to Rs. 45,000 in value. There are some lounge benefits as well & tier upgrade benefits for Air India bookings. 
  • On all card charges other than Air India bookings, which includes medical bill payments, you’ll earn great value back of 1.8%, (4 points per Rs. 100; 1 point = 1 Air India mile = Rs. 0.45).
  • If you book via Air India, you get one of the highest in the market 13.5% value back for yourself (30 points per Rs. 100 spent), and excellent 4.5% rupee value back (10 points per Rs. 100) booking for others. 

If you fly via Air India, getting this card will give you great travel perks while providing good value back on your medical bill expenses amongst airport lounge, & fuel surcharge waiver benefits. 

The top credit cards in India highlighted above can prove useful at many times depending on the situation & again, the top credit cards in India can be just an overall list. An exploration of benefits on a one on one level can come handy in choosing the best option.

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