What Are the Challenges Facing Nurse Practitioners?

The hardships and challenges faced by an individual truly shape him as a man of nerves. Same is the case with the prophetic profession of nursing. Adopting this as a profession is not as easy as it may seem. In fact, this is one of those challenging professions that puts a person’s patience to test. 

Let us have a look at the most common challenges faced by most of the nurse practitioners.

1. Diversity of Fellow Workers

Just like any other working individual, a nurse practitioner also works with a diversity of individuals. The general temperament issues faced under these circumstances are obvious. However, for a nurse, it is even harder to cope-up with such day-to-day professional conflicts. Precisely, when choosing this as a profession a person must prepare his mind for such hardships. 

2. Different Supervising Officials

Nurses generally work under different supervising officials. This further adds to their problems. It is because every healthcare professional has its own distinct way of diagnosing and treating disease. Each one of them gives varying instructions to the nurse practitioners. This conflict between the supervisors sometimes puts a question mark on the ability of the nursing staff. 

3. Annoyingly Long Duty Hours

Healthcare is not just a profession. It is rather a choice that an individual makes with all his heart, soul and mind. This is what motivates the nurses to work day in and day out for the betterment of others. The unusual and annoyingly long working hours are sometimes served by putting their personal life and personal preferences aside. This is certainly commendable. Believe it or not but an average nurse practitioner salary is nothing in front of the compromises that they make. 

4. Difference of Opinion

An individual belonging to the services-based profession often finds it difficult to stay calm over slight conflicts and differences. This is the reason why the difference in opinion among fellow practitioners is known as one of the greatest challenges of this profession. However, well-known institutes like Global Health Education are dedicated to the task of training nurses to tackle such issues sensibly. 

5. Professional Politics

The difference of opinion or the other person’s growth is known to poison every working environment. This is exactly what happens with nurse practitioners. Jealousy and insecurity compel them to belittle the efforts of fellow nursing staff. This, in turn, is intended to compel the supervisor to fire the one that is targeted by the others around. Therefore, a nurse practitioner has to keep his eyes and mind open. This is the only key to survive in this challenging profession. 

6. Lack of Awareness

Nursing is currently an evolving profession. People who are willing to be a part of this profession are not really aware of the best training institutes around them. This sometimes lands them into great trouble. The insensible and unsearched selection of the institute is a threat to this career. Such nearly untrained nurse practitioners do not really survive in this field for a longer time. 

Despite these challenges, a nurse practitioner must keep his morale high. After all, dedication, hard work, and patience are what makes an individual go a long way. 

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