3 Tips for a Startup on Digital Marketing

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When we start the adventure of starting a business, in addition to creating a strategic sales plan and a dossier with the characteristics of our company and the environment in which we will carry out our activity, we have to have a communication plan, that’s where the digital marketing plays an important role.

Why Digital Marketing?

Nowadays, Internet presence is vital for your company, and many of the tools and platforms that we can use our free, at least to start meeting a need.

As they are startups, they cannot cover everything, which is why here we leave you a series of tips to start digging into this world of online marketing.

3. Make a simple, eye-catching website and according to your 

Your website must also reflect your brand image, which is why it is a modern website where, for example, a line of colors and pictures predominates, that this is be seen in your packaging, RRSS, physical stores, etc…

It must also be responsive since we not only use the computer; currently, there are various types of devices that allow you to browse and buy online.

Another essential part is the contact. This tab must be present and accessible at all times. In this way, you will receive many more conversions.

2. Don’t forget social media

Have you ever looked for a company that did not have Facebook? Did you find it strange?

In general, we tend to think that who is not in some social network is a “weirdo.” If you are a physical user, it can be reasonable if you are a company you are losing a percentage of potential customers.

It does not mean that you have to have a presence in all the platforms that exist, if not in which your target is.

You must study which ones suit you and how many publications you want to make as well as the most influential hours.

For example, Facebook is more informative, Instagram is more visual, and Twitter is more casual and interactive. As you can see, they are not all the same, so we must publish each one differently.

3. Email Marketing

In case you don’t know, email marketing is not dead. The reality is just the opposite. By the end of next year, it is expected that the total number of email accounts around the world increase over 3.9 billion.

In email marketing, as in any communication channel, having a good design is having half a job done. The mind processes a visual element more quickly than a textual one, which is why these templates, whose operation has already been sufficiently proven, can be the ideal solution to give the last push to your newsletters.

Examples of templates for email marketing

Before choosing the ideal template for your campaign, don’t forget that it is essential to be clear on what type of email you want. A welcoming message, for example, will need a different design than a promotional email.

If you already have the objective of your campaign well defined, all you have to do is decide which design best suits it. To provoke your inspiration, we are going to see three examples of email template designs.

  1. Text-only email templates
  2. Simple custom-made email designs 
  3. Magazine-style email template designs 

Techniques to improve conversion

When the subject is email marketing, the competition that exists in the market is enormous. Ultimately, users receive dozens of emails every day. So how can we get our message to stand out among so many others?

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