How to resize and edit 4K videos for Uploading to YouTube using VideoProc

All of us are quite familiar with the video quality resolutions like 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p. 720p and 1080p resolution standards are considered as HD but there is one more resolution standard left which is called 4k resolution. In the modern era, earning through online sources is very popular and Youtube is the most common for that. 

If you are a video creator then you must know that the biggest factor that makes you popular is the quality of videos which you upload to youtube. And we all know that the best resolution is 4k. You can easily record the video in 4k with your canon camera or iPhone but when it comes to uploading to youtube then it takes lots of time and data. So the best way which you can follow is to edit and resize the 4k video through VideoProc.

 Here are some best qualities of VideoProc application:-

  • This application supports the Full GPU(graphical processing unit) acceleration which helps to keep the CPU unaffected and make the process faster for video editing.
  • It can compress the file almost 90% smaller than the original file.
  • It takes lower CPU use while processing the video.
  • It works with all the operating systems whether it is windows or macOS.
  • Level 3 hardware technology supported by this application.
  • You can download the video in different formats after editing.

What is a 4k resolution?

If you are interested in video quality, image quality and all of these kinds of stuff then you must know about the Pixels. Pixel is the smallest unit of an image and video. If you extremely zoom an image then you will be able to see the pattern like squares, these squares are called pixels. 

For example, 144p means there would be 144 pixels in a single frame. If the number of pixels increased for the same display size then the image or video quality improves. There is a term called PPI(pixel per inch). PPI is the pixel density which depends on display size and the number of pixels. 

Now we have the 4k resolution that provides the best quality videos and images for viewers. It is also called Ultra HD vision. 4k is 3840*2160 resolution which means 3840 pixels horizontally and 2160 pixels vertically. 3840 pixels are almost near around 4000 that’s why it is called 4k resolution. 

4k Resolution and Youtube

YouTubers have to upload the best quality travel videos and other content for increasing their subscribers. When a YouTuber uploads a video with 1080p HD resolution then it looks great in mobiles and laptops but when it comes to the big screen like a LED tv then it is not that clear. So for maintaining the video quality 4k resolution is the best option for all content creators. We all know that uploading 4k to Youtube is not that easy in such a case you need an editing application. 

VideoProc- the best product for YouTubers

For the best visibility, videos should be created in 4k resolution. If you are a creator and capturing the 4k video for your content then it takes lots of space to get stored because of its Ultra High Definition (UHD) resolution and it is not easy to upload because it needs high volumes of internet data. So the better way is to compress the 4k resolution video as much as possible through a quality application like VideoProc and then upload it to youtube.

There are four quick and easy steps to edit 4k video:- 

  1. The first one is editing, in this step, you can cut, crop, rotate, write text. All this editing stuff is quite easy in VideoProc.

  1.  After the editing process, the video should go through the transcoding process. In this process, you can convert dimensions and formats of video. 
  2. The next step is resizing. In this step, you can compress the 4k video for fast uploading. 
  1. And the final step is adjusting. In this portion, you can adjust the playback speed, bit rate, and frame rate in quick time.

Here’s a quick video tutorial for better understanding:–

In short, to edit or resize 4k videos with high GPU, video proc is the best application that you can use. And the best part is that this application is available for free. You can choose GoPro to use some exclusive features of VideoProc.

Hope you find this information helpful to edit or compress videos easily!

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