How to Buy the Best Engagement Ring – On a Budget?

Buying the engagement ring that your partner will fall in love with is a challenging, yet thrilling experience. Here’s how you can win over your woman for an entire lifetime without running out of years of saving. 

Know Your Budget 

Your future wife may have set her heart on a pricey diamond ring, but if you do not have the resources to buy one, do not beat yourself too much over it. Several other diamond rings can fit your budget and make your partner happy. When it comes to skilled crafting of diamond rings – the cut, color, clarity, and carat can boost or bring down the overall cost of the ring as well. Thus, making informed decisions is crucial if you do not want to exceed your budget. 

Know Your Partner’s Preference

Naturally, you would like it if your partner appreciates the ring that you have selected for her. But you must make her feel valued and heard. That is why you must not only consider your budget but also know the type of ring she would like. If you want your engagement ring to be a surprise, then pay closes attention to the accessories that she normally wears. Take help from her close friends and families if need be. Or if you are discrete about it, you can ask for her personal preference casually as well – months before proposing. 

Different styles can be considered when choosing a ring. A gaudier appearance can be attained through an elaborate channel or beveled sets. The band can be customized according to personal preference – whether it is white gold, rose gold, gold, silver or platinum. The color of the diamond ring may be a classic white or colored if your woman loves standing out. You can go for stunning or subtle cuts with varying carat sizes according to your significant other’s desire and your budget. 

Finding the Right Shape 

The shape of your diamond ring can significantly impact your budget and setting. Although round and cushion cuts are the most brilliant diamonds – they tend to be more expensive due to their high demand and higher carat consumption. Oval and pear cut rings help you save the carats, bringing down the overall cost – these are also great options for women with slender fingers. Rose and emerald cut rings are vintage and give a rather subtle look because of their different cut – these are not as brilliant as the other diamond cuts that is why they can be bought at comparatively cheaper rates. Thus, knowing your lady’s style is crucial for deciding on picking the right cut. 

The Four Cs

Once you have decided on what cut you want to choose – whether it is based on personal style, budget or brilliance – you must consider the next three C’s. a fair amount of knowledge about these is crucial for getting the best diamond ring. 

The color of the diamond ring mostly depends on personal preference. But rarer colors like pink, blue and green can require a hefty amount of money. Thus, stick to the classic white diamond or the less sensationalized colored diamond rings in chocolate or yellow color. 

Clarity grading is variable but VS1 and VS2 grades give the best look on diamonds – whether they are brilliant-cut or subtler ones. Look for craftsmen who give the most minimal bowtie effect. 

Finally, the carat of the ring can be defined according to your budget – it is a misconception that only the highest carat rings look good. Diamond rings with lower carat weight but impeccable designs, cut and setting look equally stunning and can win over anyone. 

Make sure that you are getting the right measurements and are choosing a setting that fits your sense of style. Diamond rings are a lifelong investment that is why you must choose the right setting and take proper care to prevent it from chipping. 

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