How to Be the Best Employee in the Simplest Ways

It isn’t much to say that most work hard to eat, send themselves or their kids to school, and enjoy life. As for you, your reason for going to work may vary, but at the end of the day, you are expected to perform to the best of your abilities. At times or as the situation demands it, you may have to go beyond your duties in the workplace.

The phrase “best employee” is laden with so many expectations that it sounds stressful and overwhelming. While it’s a gold standard, being the best employee is an aspiration that is achievable when you think of it in the simplest terms.

4 Golden, Simple Rules to Be the Best Employee

No one has the ready answer, formula, or recipe for being the number one employee of the month or the year, perhaps. Notwithstanding the productivity goals, metrics, and KPIs, doing your best at work is doing your job.

1. Go to Work on Time

Employees can surely get lucky when they earn incentives for perfect attendance and punctuality. It’s a nice gesture, together with flexible work arrangements like a flexible schedule and telecommuting. But with or without such incentives, you are expected to show up at work on time and all the time.

Whether it’s seven o’clock or twelve o’clock, you are expected to be at your desk by this time, getting yourself organized for the day ahead. Business etiquette also demands that you attend meetings on time. Being on time means respecting other people’s schedule: they too want to get work done promptly.

2. Be Responsive to Requests

Don’t you find it frustrating when your coworker does not respond to your email? Then don’t be that person. Whenever someone asks you anything work-related, answer without delay. If you haven’t finished the task, give the person a heads-up or a timeline so that he/she can make the necessary adjustments.

As for your coworker who has yet to email you back, send him/her an email emphasizing the urgency without coming across as rude or impolite. Always be courteous in all workplace communication channels.

3. Be Productive

While you know how productivity works, there seems to be no cure for feeling sluggish or distracted in the face of tasks. Why don’t you focus on just one task at a time or break this up into subtasks so they appear less daunting?

If distraction is killing your attention span, skip social media. It’s a rabbit hole that sucks up all that’s left of your productivity. Instead, think of your deadlines and the feeling of relief when you can deliver right on time.

4. Go to Work in Your Best Self

Go to work well-groomed and dressed appropriately. Be professional in all your dealings in the workplace. That’s the reason, aside from competence and intelligence examinations, passing your urine drug test and other preemployment behavioral tests are a must. Employers put a premium on behavior and conduct.

Treat everyone in the workplace with respect. Notwithstanding this, deal with your coworkers if they are difficult and if it is affecting your work. Let them know about the issue, or bring this to your HR manager’s attention.

In any workplace, putting your best foot forward is expected. While the personal stuff can get in the way of your professional life, try to leave these issues at home. And always, always try to be your most productive self in the workplace. 

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