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API or Application Program Interface (API) is the routines, protocols and also tools set to build the applications of software. With the API, the software components interacts specifically. Besides, the APIs are used to program the components of graphical user interface (GUI). By using a good API, a program can be developed more easily by using all of the building blocks provided. The blocks are put together by a programmer.

There are kinds of API types in the world of programming and internet technology. Each of them is designed and developed by the programmers based on what field it will be used. One of the most commonly used today is the API for search engines optimization. It is commonly needed by internet marketer, ecommerce, online stores, and anyone who has website and need to get high numbers of visitors to the websites.

As the fast development of digital technology, you can find many providers of API services offering their services on the internet. It demands you to compare them so that you can get the best and reliable one to fulfill your great needs about high quality API services. One of the most reliable options that can be chosen is SERP API. This API is established to return the Top 100 results on the search engines for a specific keyword by you as the owner of the website. There are many benefits and features that can be gotten by using this API. Learn about them below.

The Benefits of SERP API

Learn the benefits of serp API below and know that they are the best choice for you.

· It is a simple API

The serp API is very simple. By choosing this API, you don’t have to create projects, having more keywords, or doing other works to get good position on search engines. All you need is just pulling a keyword, search engine, and domain, and then you will get the raw format of top 100 results. It is a very simple step to follow.

· The cost of SERP API is predictable

By using this API, you will get the information about the cost transparently, so you will always know about the sums of money that you should pay. If you request the API, it will cost 1 credit. This is the fact and there is no trick. In that way, you can calculate how much money to have as your budget for the API.

· The Stats are understandable

As you use the service, you will get the access to the personal cabinet for you, so you can see the usage of API during the real time. Besides, you also can see the dynamic usage of API in any period you need to know.

· Friendly support

During the testing and integration period, the API provider will assist you as well. The customer support can be through skype or slack chat or through emails. You can choose any media for the communication.

The Features of SERP API

There are some features that can be gotten if you choose SERP API for your website. The features are given because they understand well about what you expect to find by using the API. Of course, the features provided by the API will help satisfy you completely. The features are such as:

· Fantastic speed. When you have used the API, you will experience the great speed of the work. Averagely, the speed of this API is as fast as 30 seconds; then you can see the returned result so fast.

· The capacity is unlimited. The API will help well because they commonly handle 10 million keywords every day. However, it is not the limit. You can see them work by handling more and more keywords every day.

· They work with all search engines and also locations. Yes, this API supports Google, Bing, Google Mobile, etc. Besides, they also can track all locations where the users are situated.

· One year storage. All result of search engines will be stored by the API as long as one year. The storage can be gotten anytime you need.

With those great benefits and features given by SERP API, it must be very interesting and suitable with the requirements you make. Visit the official website of the provider to learn more about their services and other advantages that can be gotten from them. Get their service and you will see that your website will get the top position on search engines. Of course, it will be very advantageous for the development of your business on the internet.

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