Extracurricular Activities at Apple Tree Kindergarten

Apple Tree Kindergarten offers more than just a place to learn for children from one year and a half up to five years old. This kindergarten has unique methods in guiding children at that age. Here they offer plenty of extra activities that can allow children to learn about other things. It is what we call as an extracurricular activity. Extracurricular activities will help children to discover new things that might be interesting for them.

Little Mozart for Music

At this extracurricular class, children will be able to learn the nursery songs and rhymes with the piano teacher. A professional piano teacher will guide them to discover the rhymes and songs. There will be plenty of musical instruments as well in the class that the children can try. Besides musical instruments, children also can express their feelings through singing and dancing. We all know that singing and dancing are great for children.

Little Dolphin for Swimming

Physical activities are equally essential as mental stimulation. There is a swimming class at Apple Tree kindergarten as a curricular activity. A professional swimming coach will guide and help your children to feel confident in the water. It is good for their physics and if your kids enjoy it, it is a positive hobby to have.

Little Artist for Art

Children at an early stage have plenty of imaginations and energy throughout the day. Introducing them to the arts will be good for them to explore and discover art. Art class is good for children because they can learn about colors, cutting, writing, drawing, shapes, and many more. Those activities are good for the children in the early years because it can help them to develop coordination and motor skill. They can express their imagination through the arts.

Little Chef for Cooking

Cooking is a basic skill in life that many people should have. However, many people cannot cook because they rarely practice. We know that many families tend to buy food instead of cooking with their children due to daily life that is very busy. If you want to give the chance for your children to explore life in the kitchen, this cooking class will be a nice choice. Children will have the opportunity to learn how to make food from scratch. It is fun and it helps them to improve their math skill as well when they need to measure flour or counting eggs.

Little Language and Yoga Kids

The Apple Tree kindergarten also provides the opportunity for the children to join the language and yoga class. The language class is about Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and also English. There will be native speakers that will interact with the children in a fun environment. Yoga for kids is also available if your children will possibly like to explore Yoga. It brings positivity to their body and soul. 

These extracurricular classes at Apple Tree kindergarten are available with at least 6 children in each class. Your children will have the best opportunities to discover other fun activities that will benefit them as an individual. National Honor Society can help you succeed and connect with the people and opportunities to help you achieve your goals

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