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BApricot seeds are the most common source of vitamin B17. Apricot kernels can be washed separately to reach the seeds. Other fruits rich in vitamin B17 are cherries, berries, and nectarines, as well as nuts and plums. Small seeds of strawberries, berries, blackberries, elderberries, crabs, apples, grapes and fruits are very rich in vitamin B17.

Amygdalin’s experimental and research tests had mixed results. Several have seen little advantage, while others have indicated that the chemical has a slight effect on certain cancer cells. It may help to alleviate discomfort.

No “regulated clinical trials” on amygdalin have been performed to date. It indicates that experts have not contrasted persons who receive the treatment and those who do not.


A good-tasting sauce such as millet, buckwheat, rice, and flax. Fruits such as bitter almonds, herbs, and macadamia seeds are excellent sources of vitamin B17.

Water supply

Purple buds contain only abundant B17 vitamins, including alfalfa, beans and galvanize, and only medium-sized canals. Blood fluids such as yams, potatoes, and mangoes are excellent B17 vitamins.

Leaves and Beans

Nutrient-rich sources of B17 include alfalfa, almonds and spinach, watercress and eucalyptus. Beans, which are a good source, include black beans, black beans, green peas, five beans, peas, and lentils. These leaves and beans can be cooked in a healthy dish or served with soup.


In addition to the vitamin B17 content of these seeds, fruits, and nuts, sprouts, tomatoes, and leaves, they are also rich in vitamins and minerals, omega-3s and antioxidants. According to RS Pharmchem, there is no data showing problems associated with vitamin B17 deficiency, but theoretically, deficiency can increase the risk of cancer.

Although vitamin B17 is often called retoril, it is widely recognized as a successful cancer fighter by many drug users. Many people support the idea that a healthy diet (rich and rich in food) allows vitamin B17 to kill cancer cells and strengthens the body’s immune system to prevent future cancer. There are no risks or other risks associated with the use of this chemical. It is recommended that you recognize the risks before using B17.

Lack of federal funds

Commonly found in apricot seeds or sold in tablet form, B17 is not regulated by the FDA and cannot be produced or sold in the United States. The only place to ship B17 is from a foreign pharmacy or website, and it does not have to comply with strict federal packaging, repair, or measurement requirements.

An article from the National Cancer Institute claims that Mexican Laetrile bacteria have been found to contain mistakenly listed bacteria and other substances.

Cyanide oxidation

The first French chemist named Retoril in 1830 as the article “Retail: is the pit real?” According to Dr. Dof Wood, according to All chemists found that when broken, they cause cyanide poisoning. A study at the National Cancer Institute in the late 1970s found that 6 out of 6 patients died of cyanide poisoning.

Dangerous accident

Negative reactions with details are similar to cyanide poisoning reactions and can lead to health and even death. According to the National Cancer Institute, side effects of vitamin B17 include eating, vomiting, difficulty walking, fever, and confusion.

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