5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Patterned Rug for Your Place

Patterned Rug

So you have a clear idea of what type of area rug you need – cutting-edge geometric pattern rug, but not sure where to get started. There are many things to keep at the top of your priority list before making that significant purchase and bringing home a rug. In this post, we will discuss a few of them.

Tips to Buy Patterned Area Rugs:

1. Know Your Area Rug Needs First

Patterned Area Rugs

The first and most significant is to know about your exact interior needs. Do you need the remainder of the texture and upholstery to be plain, printed, or focused around a single vibrant shade?

Geometric area rugs come in different designs and patterns. Pick something that supplements the rest of the theme. In case you have a strong neutral shaded couch with just colored cushions, you can securely add a bold geometric pattern rug. It can even incorporate bold decisions in case you make the rug a point of convergence in the room.

2. Focus or Center of Attraction.

This ties in directly with the first tip – you have to choose what the center of attraction of your room will be. Will you keep the patterned area rug the focal point? If that is so, you get a clear idea of the color and design to go for. The geometric rugs arrive in an assortment of patterns and styles, even innate and can make for a great focus, adding life to a room.

3. Try Uplifting Swatches.

Uplifting Swatches

Fabric or shading swatches are always great to bring along when coming in-store to see different geometric area rugs. This saves you time since you have a shading or motivational texture swatch with you. Also, it enables you to check instantly which potential rug makes the cut. Persuasive color and fabric swatches can incorporate the upholstery fabric you intend to use. Make sure your selected rug fabric complements the upholstery.

4. Remember the Vibe You Need.


The color goes far in setting the correct tone and making the exact vibe you need for the room. So when you need to make an enticing vibe, decide on warm shades in your geometric pattern rugs. Essentially, in case you need to have a life with a fiery tone, you need to think about splendid, differentiating hues in a geometric design. Delicate shades, pastels, and cool tones like a blue geometric area rug will give a quiet, tranquil vibe.

5. Pick Quality Over Price.

When you’ve settled on the choice to put resources into a geometric area rug, remember that quality is vital, and you need your home to reflect only that. Try not to compromise quality for a cheap price. The best choice is hand-knotted or handmade fine area rugs. You have endless options for fabric and color. Quality rugs will last a lifetime, needing least repair and maintenance.


Area rugs can make or break the look and feel of a place. No matter if you prefer subtle and light shades or you want something bold to make the statement – choosing the right rug is essential. These tips should help give you a starting point when you set out to choose an exquisite patterned area rug for your exceptional space. In case you feel unsure, you can always look for reviews and ratings of the seller before investing your hard-earned money.

You will find many sellers online and near you offering different varieties of rugs. What you need to do is compare a little and choose the perfect geometric pattern rug that will not only complement your place but also last for years!

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