Apple Watch 3 Pros and Cons

If you are planning to purchase Apple Watch 3 or just read the apple watch 3 pros and cons, then you have come to the right place. We are going to discuss the ups and downs of the newest smartwatch from Apple so that you will know what to expect from the device.

Apple has released the third series of the Apple Smartwatch, namely Apple Watch 3 back then in September 2017. The smartwatch from Apple is certainly not an ordinary watch. It is just like the Apple Smartphone. The significant difference is that the users will wear it on their wrist. There have been many speculations about this device before it was released on the market. One of the best things that people can enjoy from the Watch 2 predecessor is the ability to call from the device. After tedious hard work of development and innovations, the newest version Apple Watch 3 finally made its way.

Apple Watch Series 3 comes with the energy saver chip component namely W2 which can save the energy up to 50 percent. This improvement is the better version in the Apple Watch series 2 in which the battery lifespan became the main problem for the users. In Standby mode, you would expect that the Apple Watch 3 can hold up to 18 hours. Other highlighted features of the new Apple Smartwatch series are messengers, MP3 Player, Photo viewer, sensors, improved Siri natural language commands and dictation, and many more.

Speaking of the connectivity, Apple dues on e-SIM to replace the physical SIM which is waterproof even when you expose it to the water in less than 50 minutes. This waterproof ability of the SIM means to cater to the needs of the waterproof Apple Watch in function. The cellular connectivity allows the users to open Maps, send messages, stream music from Spotify and Apple Music. The connectivity starts from 2G, 3G, to 4G.

The Apple SmartWatch 3 does not come with card slot but the internal memory is available for up to 16 GB. RAM is around 768 MB, more than enough for the smartwatch functions. It uses WatchOS 4.0 as the main system. The other connectivities of this smartwatch are WLAN, Bluetooth, and GPS.

Now, let’s dissect the Apple watch 3 pros and cons.


Most folks are wowed with the pros of Apple SmartWatch 3. Surely, we guess that you will be too. Such small gadget allows you to use abundant smart features that you can’t find in other smartwatches. Most of the features are very prevalent in your daily activities. Smartwatch 2 is indeed still relevant for these days but for those who need to call their friends from their Watch, Smartwatch 3 indeed has a better position. Here are some pros that you can consider from Watch 3.

Obviously, Faster Performance

Apple does a great job in improving the hardware and software of their watch. The new series comes with better performance. These 3 months we have monitored the public’s acceptance rate of the new device, most of them are satisfied with this. Finally, they have attained the smartwatch that can cope up with their daily activities. Loading time is much faster now, thanks to the improved S3 chipset.

Battery Life expectancy

As mentioned, the W2 energy saver chip allows the users to save their Watch energy up to 50%. It is definitely one thing to note from the apple watch 3 pros and cons. This improvement is purposely conducted to cater to the function when the users use the cellular features. If the users do not use the cellular features, they can expect longer time in using different features that they need to support their activities. It is a great thing. You will have peace of mind if you are planning to go out for hours.

New Fitness Features

The fitness features are always important in a smart watch. Apple has done a great job in responding to the consumers’ necessity. Those who are used to conduct intense workout sessions can conveniently rely on this device. The fitness app runs effectively and caters to the new workout types. Expecting to set the time and objectives to burn more calories? Easy. But what makes you wowed is the ability to track your activities while doing another workout such as walking, jogging, running, or swimming.

Better Siri

Say goodbye to “stiff” SIRI. SIRI works better in the Apple SmartWatch 3. The Maleficent improvement is the natural-sounding voice it produces. Of course, it is not a perfect guide, but you will see the significant difference between SIRI on Watch 3 and Watch 2. When receiving the voice command, your Watch screen must be on to get the faster response. SIRI can listen to your command while the screen off anyway.


We want to be unbiased when talking about the apple watch 3 pros and cons. There are some cons to the Apple Watch Series 3.

There are many improvements involved in the Apple Watch 3 which make the users fond of the new series. However, there are few complaints as well. Here are some possible contras that we can highlight

The Display

There are no significant improvements in the display. The max brightness looks similar to the previous version.

Call quality is still questioned

It is cool to use your smartwatch as its function to phone. But reviews from the users reported the various qualities of the phone in Watch Series 3. The signal might not be stable at a similar place. It can drastically drop from four dots to two although the users use their SmartWatch at the same place. Some users reportedly forced to use Bluetooth headset since sometimes a speaker does not do well in delivering the sound. But it also depends on the other side too. It can be because of the other’s device.

Delay in Messaging

Some users reported the delayed message service. Not to mention that it could take longer to receive messages via Apple’s Mail app.

LTE Battery consumption

Some users also reported the abnormal battery consumption on LTE.



Apple Watch Series 3 comes with a lot of advantages. The improved performance is one of the reasons you should get this for your daily activity. But considering Apple watch 3 pros and cons is a wiser idea since you will know what to expect when you use this device.

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