Flowster: the easiest standard operating procedure app

If you haven’t heard of them yet, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are the cornerstone of most successful companies nowadays. By creating effective SOPs, you ensure that every business process is performed exactly the same way, every time, no matter which employee is doing the work. Without SOPs, projects and departments are left in a state of disarray and disorganization.

Now that you understand why SOPs are so critical for your business, I’d like to introduce Flowster, the latest standard operating procedure app on the block.

With Flowster, your ability to create SOPs is only limited by your own imagination. Here are a few practical examples where SOPs can be effective:

  • Email marketing
  • Blog management
  • Product launches
  • Facebook advertising
  • Content promotion
  • Recruiting
  • Employee orientation
  • Cold calling
  • Graphic design
  • Software development

How Does It Work?

Create a SOP Template

Flowster’s Template Editor makes it easy to create your own SOPs. You can drag-and-drop widgets (think of these like tools to add text, images, video, input fields, etc) into whichever tasks you want … it’s really quite intuitive.

Here’s a list of the widgets available:

  • Text Widget (that has all the WYSIWYG tools to format the text however you like)
  • Image Widget
  • Video Widget
  • File Widget (so whomever runs this SOP can download said file)
  • Checklist Widget (so you can define a list of tasks)
  • Short Text (input) Widget (to capture a single line of text)
  • Long Text (input) Widget (to capture a paragraph or more of formatted text)
  • Email (input) Widget (to store an email address)
  • Website (input) Widget (to store a URL)
  • File (input) Widget (to upload a file)
  • Calendar (input) Widget (to capture a date/time)

Create a Workflow from the Template

Then, after your SOP template is ready, you can start creating workflows from it (these are executable instances of the template that can be assigned to other people in your company and have due dates).

Monitor Your Team’s Progress

When tasks are delegated but not monitored properly, things will inevitably be mismanaged. With Flowster’s Workflow Dashboard, it’s easy to see how your team members are doing, who is working on what task, and if anything is passed its deadline.

What if I Don’t Have The Time or Resources to Create My Own SOPs?

Well you’re in luck! Flowster has a SOP Marketplace that’s filled with SOPs (many of which are free). All you have to do is browse or search for a SOP that you like, add it to your cart, and checkout. After you checkout, it’s immediately copied into your account for use right away. 

Here’s some of the SOP categories in the Flowster SOP Marketplace:

  • Customer Support
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Shipping & Logistics

And here’s some sample SOP titles:

  • How To Get Major Press For Your Startup, Small Business, Or Website
  • How To Build Your Brand On YouTube
  • Amazon Wholesale Product Sourcing System – Finding Competitor Sellers
  • How To Create A Highly Engaged Facebook Group

Guess what? If you are interested in selling (or giving away) your own SOPs in the Marketplace, you can do that too, it’s actually quite easy. Maybe you have a certain business process that you created that you think other people in your industry would benefit from? Then the Marketplace is a great way to generate some passive income, while also helping out others.

Flowster Forum

Flowster also has a free forum for eCommerce entrepreneurs that’s jam-packed with high quality content on everything from Amazon selling, to software, human resources, financial management, and even SEO.

Here’s some sample forum posts:

  • Best VA practices?
  • Competitors extractions is a sustainable business model?
  • Tracking COGS
  • Get Backlinks: Competitors’ Resource Pages


As you can hopefully see by now, Flowster is an easy to use, but highly effective standard operating procedure app. If you’re not using SOPs in your business, you’re really not operating at your full capability. Try it out today for free!

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