Build it, and The Parts Will Come! Here’s How to Find the Best Place to Buy Computer Parts Online

Here’s How to Find the Best Place to Buy Computer Parts Online

Every step of building a custom PC is stressful. Take a load off by clicking here to learn how to find the best place to buy computer parts!

Are you planning on building your gaming PC for the best custom gaming experience? Are you looking for cheap computer parts that you can get online? If you want these things but you don’t know how then read on.

Keeping updated with the latest tech is not always a practical thing, especially when it comes to computers. Yet for many gamers and PC enthusiasts, updating their hardware is a worthwhile hobby. This is why many look for the best place to buy computer parts online.

In 2016, 80% of American households contained a desktop or laptop computer, even when they could access the Internet with a phone. With how widespread the use of PCs is now, it’s no wonder that many others would like to try their hand at customization.

If you don’t know how to look for the best online sites for buying PC parts, keep reading for a quick guide.

1. The Best Place to Buy Computer Parts Have Quality Parts

How many times have you gotten victimized by the internet? Have you experienced buying something that looks great online? Yet, in real life, when it arrives at your door, you got something substandard.

Sometimes, online shops are difficult to trust when you might not get what you want upon delivery. This is why it’s important to look for online sites that have what they offer. Building a PC is stressful enough; your online shopping experience shouldn’t be too.

Often, you can check this through on-site and/or off-site reviews. For on-site reviews, look for a comment or review page for the parts you need. You can also check a site’s legitimacy when you search it up on Google or through online forums.

The best way to know is to check the ratings and/or reviews of a particular part they are selling. It’s good to check a popular one and a not-so-popular alternative. Compare it with sites like Amazon and eBay for reference.

Remember to take note of both the bad and good reviews. What are the common praises or complaints? How high are the ratings?

2. Look for Sites With Local Offers

You never know when the RAM or CPU chip you need is only half a city away. It won’t hurt to check for local listings of computer parts. Seeing as how expensive computer parts are, it can even help you budget better.

This is helpful since you can drive to an agreed upon location and pick up your item from there. Depending on who is selling, they could even drop it off at your house or workplace. 

Often, local listings online will be by PC shops in your area. When you pick something up from their store, you can always go back to talk with them in person if any problems arise. If there are parts for custom gaming PCs that you don’t know about, you can ask them about it too. 

If the online site has a brick-and-mortar store in your area, that’s good too. This will allow you to grab discount offers from either online or physical store. There’s also a certain excitement you feel when you get to see the parts in person.

Of course, when the items you need are not available in your locality, don’t hesitate to go beyond it. 

3. Sites Should Boast Good Customer Service

Your experience as a customer should matter to an online site. Before you buy anything from any site, check what past customers have to say about its customer service. This is another thing you’d often see in an item review or site review.

The customer service reps for a good place to buy online should be easy to contact. There should be more than one way to contact them. They should also be able to reply within a few hours up to within the day.

If it takes too long for a reply to come through, it can pose problems. Often, this would be in connection with delivery or payment problems. The faster they respond, the better the user experience.

That’s not even the extent of their customer services. The site should be able to settle any problems that sellers and buyers encounter. They should be able to give reasonable solutions if they failed to uphold a service from their end.

4. A Variety of Payment and Shipping Options

What options do you have to pay for something you want to buy from an online shopping site? Given how expensive PC parts can be, there is a high chance that users will use credit or debit cards to buy. The best place to buy computer parts online will have several security measures in place.

These security measures should protect your money as a buyer or seller. It will also protect your banking and/or credit card information from cybercriminals. That’s not all it should protect from its users.

The site should be able to keep your address and billing information limited. Only the seller of the PC part you are buying from should be able to access this information.

Speaking of your address, there should be several shipping options available as well. This way, you can get a rush shipping order if you want. You will be able to choose a cheaper shipping option as well if you are on a budget.

Now, there is also the new packaging certification process, including the Frustration-Free Packaging Program. In essence, this will help save up on materials and shipping volume. Feel free to click on the link for more information on frustration-free packaging.

5. New Parts, Old Parts, Refurbished Parts

Let’s talk about PC parts. When you’re looking for the best place to buy computer parts online, it needs to offer a variety of parts. By that, we don’t only mean models and brands but also their conditions.

As we stated a few times already before, PC parts can be very expensive. Most people can only afford so much before they go broke. As an alternative, others may seek used or refurbished parts as cheaper options. 

A place that sells parts online should be able to offer brand new, used, and refurbished PC parts. This way, you get to maximize your budget and build a PC that fits it best. It also helps when still-usable accessories like mouse and keyboards are available as well.

Start Finding the Best Parts for Your PC

Ready to start looking for the parts you need? With our guide on how you can find the best place to buy computer parts online, now you can. Build the PC you want for the price and custom-design you desire.

For more useful and helpful guides like this, don’t hesitate to check out our other posts. 

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