Collaborative music making apps to kick start your music career

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Music is divine. It is a language that is understood universally, by everyone irrespective of how musically gifted they are. Its universality is what draws people toward it and makes them want to be part of the magical world. However, starting a career can be hard with the expense involved in it, and due to the inexperience. It helps beginners to be able to collaborate with musicians to better understand the making of music.

That is where collaborating online music making applications come in with their ability to connect people across the globe to give birth to soulful music. They also give you access to online music mixer tools. Here we give you a list of few such apps that can help kickstart your career:


Call us biased, but we think SnapJam rocks! Our platform is for startups and beginners who cannot afford the expensive pieces of equipment and studio time required to compose and record music. However, you get much more from us, for we are all about collaboration between artists from around the world. From writing lyrics to using our online music mixer tools, you can do it all with your collaborators. The best part? You get all this for free and pay for additional space!


Soundtrap is different from other collaborative online music making applications in this list for one reason–podcast. The app not only lets you use online music mixer tools and collaborate with other artists but also, it provides learning material for music teachers and students.  Working as both web and mobile device app, Soundtrap lets you work on five projects before you would need to pay for their premium services.


Flat is a collaborative app that allows individuals to write sheet music and compose score together from different parts of the world. However, it is not limited to notations alone. You can also have MIDI composition and guitar tabs features to explore and create music. Flat lets you share your composition with the world so you can turn it into track together.


Trackd app can be called as the social media for musicians and artists. The application lets you collaborate with others and write the song of your dreams. Akin to a social media site, it gives you a platform to meet and chat with collaborators, send and receive files, and update a track. It is easy to use with a simple design. However, they only work on iOS devices.

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