15 Must-Know macOS Tips for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Mac Users

15 Must-Know macOS Tips for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Mac Users

If you are new to Mac OS and do not know much on this operating system then you came at the right spot.

We have put some shortcuts and tips for you, that will help you understand Mac OS better. These tips are not just for beginners, they are very much usable by intermediate and advanced users as well.

If you just search for Mac OS shortcuts you will find hundreds of shortcuts but what we tell you are not just shortcuts, they are tips that will help you understand Mac OS operating system much more.

Although we have put a great list for you to examine, many of these tips or shortcuts are easily forgotten by the users and after that, when they need the help of that shortcut, they are some kind of lost. So, make sure to never forget these shortcuts because they will help you in understanding Mac OS better and will make your work easier as well.

So, let us get started with the article and go directly to our main course which is the 15 tips that will help you understand the Mac OS operating system.

I have classified all the tips into groups so you can clearly understand which shortcut is for what purpose and how it is used.

The desktop app and Management

1. Activate spotlight for searching

Mac OS has put a finder just in case you do not find something that you are finding. Spotlight is an application that will help you find your item within Mac OS. the key to open this item finder, you just have to press space + command. 

If you are thinking about what the spotlight can do? Then we would like to tell you that spotlight is used for finding the location of the files, the whole file that you have missed or replaced or can not find it, it even helps you in math by solving math problems for you. You can hit the app with any question and he will give the answer just as you blink the eye.

2. Swap between apps 

If you want to switch between apps then this shortcut is mostly used, it is very simple you just have to press command + tab. It is not just pressing the keys, you will have to hold press the command key and then press tab. If you pressed tab one time it will switch the current app to the other app. If you press the tab again while holding the command key then it will switch the previous app back to where it was first. Hence if you press tab while holding command key continuously, it will work in a cycle and will continue to put the two apps back and forth. 

3. Close apps from the app switcher

If you want to close an app while you are switching between the apps. It is very simple, you only have to hold the command key and press Q and the app that is currently opened on your screen will be closed.

4. Hot corners

If you have not used hot corners or you do not know what it is then you must try it. The hot corner works like if you navigate your mouse into a corner then something that you have set before will open automatically. But the thing will not open automatically on its own, you will have to set it by going into mission control and from that go into hot corners. You can set every corner for what app should open at every corner.

5. Advanced hot corners

If you have understood hot corners then you will understand this too. All you have to do is to hold the option key when you are setting up the hot corners, the option key will stop hot corner from activating, it will also stop some additional features from activating as well.

6. Hide a window

If you want to hide the window or you want to return back on the desktop quickly then simply press command + H, it will automatically minimize the current window and you will be back on the desktop. If you want to return on the window then you can click the icon in the dock or you can use the app switcher.

7. Hide all the windows

If you want to hide all the windows except the one you are currently using then you just have to press option + command + H. it will just let open the current window that you are working on.

8. Cycle between the app windows

 If you have open multiple tabs for a browser such as a safari and you want to switch between the tabs then you will have press command + tilde (~).

9. Switch between multiple desktops

If you are working between multiple desktops and want to switch between those desktops. You just have to press control button and after that press the arrow keys of which desktop you have to switch, it will be either left or right arrow for switching between the multiple desktops. 

Managing files

10. Quick open folders

If you are working and you just have to open some folders so you can do it with some shortcut key. The shortcut key to open a folder is very simple, you just have to hold the command key and then press the down key to open the folder. If you have to close the folder or to go back where you were before then just hold the command key and press the up arrow key. 

11. Clean up your desktop

If your desktop is messier and you want to clean it up then you just have to right-click on your desktop and choose stacks. After choosing stacks it will automatically remove all the things that are not used for a long time or it will just organize the files in an ascending or descending other. However, this will only work on those Mac OS operating system that are above Mojave update or they are Mojave update. 

12. Instant file deletion

Deleting file can be dangerous on Mac OS. so, if you want to delete a file and want to bypass the trash can means want to remove all the trash can items permanently then you should press command + option + delete.

13. Create a duplicating file

If you want to open a file but you do not want the actually file to open instead of that a duplicate open of that file. So for this, you will have to right-click on the file that you want to make a duplicate and then click on the Get Info option, after clicking on that a duplicate will open of the current file and every time you will double click on the file, a duplicate will open in respect to the original file. This tip helps to create templates and other items. 


14. Video screenshots

If you want to take a screenshot of a video that you are currently watching then there are multiple options for this as well or you can say there are multiple types of screenshots. So if you press command + shift + 3, a screenshot will be taken of your video screen. If you press shift + command + 4, it will let you select the area of where you want to take the screenshot from. If you press shift + command + 5, this will let you record a portion of the screen. 

15. Cleaner screenshot

If you want to take a cleaner screenshot which means if you want to take a screenshot from anywhere from your whole PC then you just have press shift + command + 4, it will let take a screenshot from you favourite area of the screen but if you just press spacebar then a camera icon will be shown on the screen, which means that now you can take a screenshot of anything you want in your PC. 


We hope that you have understood all the tips we told about Mac OS and if you want to know more about other stuff regarding Mac OS so, visit our website GetWox.

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