5 Tiny Yet Beautiful Kitchen Ideas

Kitchens are supposed to be warm and inviting. Some homes have huge kitchens with room for a large family to share a meal, without sacrificing space. However, when it comes to kitchens, bigger does not always mean better. With the right additions and upgrades, your kitchen can give you everything you need.

In this post, we hope to give you some direction and ideas on what to do with your tiny kitchen. You may have ideas already, If not, this will start you on your quest to create a kitchen that is easy to work in and beautifully. Designed, like this one.

Make the kitchen work for you

Everyone cooks differently. Some people gather everything they will need to complete the dish. They do their washing, peeling, and chopping before they even turn on the stove. Their food is placed on their counter or island in the order it will be needed. They have all of the spices and herbs within arms reach.

Other people begin cooking the foods that will take the longest to cook. Once that has begun, they will set the timer to alert the cook that they need to begin the other foods. They walk more and put more effort into it than the island prepper. We say this to explain, no matter how you cook. We create a kitchen that works for any type of cook. We create a kitchen that works for any type of cook.

5 beautiful ideas for your kitchen

  • Upgrade or re-work your kitchen
    • Replacing kitchen cabinets goes a big way when it comes time to sell the house.

Give your existing cabinets a facelift by changing a few if the doors to glass. Install wire racks so you can display your dishes. A sliding wine glass holder allows you to display your wine glasses’

  • An over-the-door metal rack with wide but thin openings. This is to hold the lids to your pots. Place baskets on the shelves of the pantry to make it easier. Have one basket for pasta, another for cookies, The most used items at eye level. Put a stackable shelf inside. This gives you twice as much room.
  • Magnetic utensil holder
    • Place a magnetic bar with hooks on the side of your refrigerator. Use this to hang serving spoon, ladles, whisks, or whatever you like.  You will want more than one of these, as you will find tons of use for the hooks.
  • Install a pot and pans retractable rack. Hang your pots and pans above, and lower it to get what you need
  • Open & Airy
  • Nothing will make a kitchen more beautiful than windows. If you do not want to invest in new windows, define them. Painting your windowsill a shade or two darker than the wall. This draws the attention eye. Place a flower box on the windowsill, and plant fresh herbs. You can hang a flower pot from the top corner. Plant your favorite flowers or one tasty strawberries.
  • Painting your walls a light color will make the kitchen look bigger. Windows that are defined (painting a bit darker) with your mini-garden in the window bring new life to the room.
  • Contrasting floor
    • The light colors and the natural sunlight coming through the windows make your room look and feel much larger. But, you need some depth. This is where your floors come in. There are many type of flooring. If you have wooden floors (even if you have to remove the linoleum) you can hit the trending floor. Paint your floor a deep color. Dark blue, gray, or forest green. This gives your kitchen the “Wow” factor. Your eye goes to the dark floor and then travels up. Your kitchen looks bigger, brighter, and very much in style.  
  • Lighting
    • Use modern light that hangs from the ceiling. Don’t stop there. Use track lighting to add to the room. Speak to your contractor about installing light under the shelves which for a lovely glow.


Keeping your home in good repair is always a good investment. Every improvement you make will be rewarded when you sell your home. Work with your cabinet company or contractor to learn all the options available. Soon you can be cooking in a beautiful and modern kitchen that fits the way you take care of your family.

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