King Kanine vs HolistaPet CBD Oil & Treats for Dogs – Best for Your Pet?

There are numerous Simply Pet CBD oils, treats, and topical ointments for your pets, but what about when you compare more than one? What makes them so different? Is it the ingredients? The inactive ingredients? Is all CBD the same? You have to consider these things when you’re thinking about buying a product that contains CBD for your dog, because dogs are smaller, and they’re special, but they also have similar ailments just like a human being could have. From seizures, to joint pain, arthritis, cancer, and more, dogs can actually suffer and be treated for the same symptoms and conditions as us. In this post, we’re going to compare King Kanine vs HolistaPet CBD products in a general sense, and let you decide which is better, as well as provide our opinion on the matter.

What is HolistaPet

Holistapet products are one common brand of CBD oils, and while they contain no THC, and have what they consider healthy CBD oils in their treats and oils. They claim to have only full spectrum CBD oil (and it better be due to their hefty price). Their products are composed of nothing but organic items like applesauce, peanut butter, rice flower, cinnamon (may cause stomach upset in dogs if consumed too much) and coconut oil (may cause diarrhea). The only downside is that some customers complained that their dogs ended up getting diarrhea.

What about King Kanine products?

King Kanine uses a broad-spectrum CBD oil which gives your dog a little bit of both the positive benefits of healthy doses of THC (not enough to get your pet “high”), and pure CBD oil. Their products are guaranteed to help your pet and they carry a larger variety of products, flavors, and more than even Holistapet carries. Their website is super easy to navigate, and they even have a licensed physician that works for them and formulates them. They use stone ground oat flour and they add a little bit of black peppercorn to increase the healthy antioxidants. Unlike the reviews for HolistaPet (which may have more reviews solely because it’s been on the market longer), King Kanine products have a higher rating (4.9 or 5 stars on EVERY product), and much more purely positive reviews.

Is my Privacy Safe?

Yes, when you order a product your personal information is safe. Both sites do however have a
“news ticker” that pops up showing that someone bought something, however King Kanine is more discreet because it doesn’t show any names from what we’ve gathered (if you choose to disclose that you can, but we haven’t seen it show who bought a product of theirs).


King Kanine is certainly the winner in our books because they have a lot more information when it comes to their products. If you want to know about CBD products, you can always look that up onsite or elsewhere. In our opinion, it’s more important to have as much information about the products you’re buying versus just simple instructions on how much comes with your purchase, and basic ingredients. Not only that, but the ease of navigation is much easier on the King Kanine site.

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