3 Case Interview Tips for Starters

A case interview bridges your possible employment track with the consulting company that you have been eyeing for some time now. It is distinguished from other types of interviews in that this one involves several case problems that need to be solved, so your interviewer can gauge if being a consultant is the right job for you.

To get a higher chance at performing well during the interview proper, here are some case interview tips for starters:

  • Prepare for pressure. Case interview problems involve complex business-related scenarios that will test your consulting skills all under time pressure. So be ready to give out reasonable estimates, assess business revenue and profitability, and perform some computations in a limited amount of time. Keep in mind that how you handle yourself during the case interview process is just as important as coming up with the correct resolution to the case problem given.
  • Prioritize prior research. Almost all case interviews dwell on a whole lot of information. Some about the company you want to be part of, and others about the business, industry, or even current events. With this in mind, doing your homework and gathering enough resources, information, and/or data will be useful in your upcoming interview process. Learn about the principles the company embraces so you can frame your answers with these in consideration. Update yourself with current events like newly-acquired projects or recent revenue sources. You will find that every bit of information you come across with will be useful in building your case interview answers.
  • Pause, ask, and answer. During your case interview, project a calm and collected demeanor as you process the case scenario that the interviewer gives you. Pause to think before giving out a straight answer. Learn to ask relevant questions and clarify information when necessary. Finally, deliver your resolution in a concise yet organized manner to convey logic and order in your answer.

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