Benefits of getting the high-quality scrum and agile training

Agile is a time bound, iterative approach to software delivery that develops software at regular intervals/incremental in approach rather than deliver at once at the end of the project. It helps clients understand & accept what is been developed, gives perspective whether the project is heading in the right direction and expected product will be delivered at the end of the journey. To develop the expected product, agile is one of the most trending and trusted way of software development. Implementation of agile principle and its methodology requires learning from the experts of the industry to do it the agile way. There are more than one agile methodology such as Scrum, Lean and Kanban, Extreme Programming, TDD, Crystal and many more. Of all the agile methodologies, scrum is the most accepted and highly appreciated one. Scrum functions by creating Work Break Down Structure (WBS) and listing all the artifacts called by user stories, prioritizing them and continuously developing them in short two week (14 days) iterations called sprints.Want to know more about scrum master certification please visit starAgile website

Agile/Scrum training are quintessential in today’s fast evolving IT industry to level-set your organization or project team on the basic concepts of Agile and how to implement it. There is always lot of people talking about using Agile but training helps in understanding the distinctions between different methodology, agile principles & its manifesto and how to implement agile in the organization. Many companies are looking forward to hiring experts in agile and scrum to cater to the ever-increasing demands of the customer. It is observed that when companies describe challenges with “Agile” they are referring to the challenges with executing an Agile project. It helps the project if all the team members attend same training, ideally in the same class, overcome some of these issues/challenges by discussing the same. Truly it can be of great help if the entire team can absorb the same message, concepts and implementation tactics simultaneously.

Agile plays a pivotal role in delivering successful projects across domains such as Banking, Manufacturing, CRM, SAP and many more. Learning the art of agile and implementing its fundamentals is the key in building a success story for projects. To get rich learning and fulfilling experience it’s important to get high quality scrum and agile training which helps in fast and impactful implementation of the learning into practices and deliver projects with great finesse.

Several institute conduct agile and scrum training but one of the most important benefit of getting good training is understanding the agile principle for best quality product or to say designing scrum in a way client gets the best product at the end of each sprint and get view of bigger picture which needs to be created by the best in the business. Scrum is always at the helm of affairs for each project delivery in today’s time and age. It is imperative to drive the project with the best scrum/agile team who are well versed/aware of the agile principles and its manifesto. It becomes a compulsion to understand the agile goals/ outputs to deliver successful projects in well stipulated timelines.

Few Benefits of Agile/ Scrum training are articulated in below points :

  • This training helps team plan and initiate their Scrum project, design a product backlog and plan their overall project, understand each individual’s role & responsibility in the agile team, learn how to conduct effective sprint plan, sprint review and sprint retrospective meetings.
  • It instills sense of ownership to deliver scrum products diligently in each individual’s heart and soul.
  • It enriches an individual with lot of knowledge and skillset to deliver project in way other than waterfall development model.
  • Creates a team building environments to deliver projects successfully.
  • Training helps scrum team work meticulously to deliver project with desired output, delivering project outputs at regular interval (Sprints) thereby gaining confidence of the customer.
  • Company can always reap benefits with success stories of agile projects at the end of scrum or project delivery and bring new business opportunity.
  • Training also facilitates an individual to learn and gain knowledge about agile methodologies, explore practical problems and learn how to find quick runtime solutions from industry experts.
  • It helps understand how to deliver products with maximizes quality at each delivery of sprints and how to decrease the efforts of re-work by continuously taking clients feedback at the end of each sprint. Completion of each user story is marked as done only if the requirement is complete and no defects are present, reflecting the ethos to deliver high quality product with least rework. The quality of the product going into regression testing is higher than is the case for products going into the final test period for waterfall projects.

Course Takeaway :

  • Learn Agile Manifesto, Values and its Principles
  • Overview of Scrum Roles, Meetings and Artifacts
  • How to create Team Vision and Project Charter
  • Creation of Work breakdown structure (WBS) and Product Backlog
  • How to Design and Plan Product Release
  • Creation of User Stories
  • How to do Sizing and Estimation in Scrum
  • How to conduct Sprint Planning, Sprint Reviews and Retrospectives meeting

Who Should Attend:

Agile/Scrum training course is designed specifically for new Scrum Teams or Teams that require learning on the Scrum Framework and its Process. Basically, it includes the Scrum Team, Scrum Masters and Product Owners. Role specific agile training can be of great aid to profiles such as Developers, Testers, Business Analyst, Project coordinators and Project Managers.

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