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The push to run cars on water and other alternative fuels has never been greater. Today the idea of running cars on water is very popular and catching on more and more everyday… but c’mon, can you really run cars on water using your custom car parts?

Two words – “YES” and “NO.”

In this post we’re going to dispel the myths and explore the facts about how people all over the world run cars on water with a few simple products anyone you can buy in local stores.

Let’s start with the myths.

Most people think water car fuel means pouring water straight into the gas tank, hitting the gas pedal, and blasting into traffic with zero emissions. Let me tell you, while this has been the hope and dream for over a hundred years we’re not there yet. That would be the “NO” part of our story. You cannot run cars on water by “burning” water out of your gas tank.\

So What Is Possible?

Right now there are several kits on the market (or make one for under $100USD) that will split hydrogen from water and burn that hydrogen in your engine. These hydrogen cell car kits work from the power of your car’s own alternator and battery system. This means adding a cheap system to your car that can potentially increase mileage of 10%, 20% and sometimes 30% from water.

That’s our “YES.”

Most of these kits work like this: electricity from your car’s alternator is fed into the “fuel cell” which is filled with water, and an “electrolyte” (usually simple baking soda), as the current runs through the fuel cell the H2O water is split into hydrogen and oxygen, resulting in a hydrogen gas called HHO.

The HHO is fed into your fuel system, and the extra HHO gas supplements your gasoline. This is what people are talking about when they say run cars on water.

If this seems too much like high school chemistry the important takeaway here is we all know hydrogen burns, right? So, the HHO (hydrogen gas) is fed into the cars fuel injector and used as fuel for your car… free fuel.

That means your engine is now burning less gas, because we are adding the hydrogen directly into your fuel system.

There are a number of devices and hydrogen cell car kits on the market. More and more efficient versions are being invented every day. There’s quite a movement of inventors afoot.

We are reaching a point where we may soon be able to break the economic stranglehold OPEC has on us and help the environment at the same time. This is just the first step, and a look into what the world is going to be like in the not too distant future.

The future of the hydrogen cell car is indeed bright.

We’ve just scratched the surface in this here. There are many more reasons to run cars on water and we’re going to into them in later posts. Just remember, don’t pour water into your gas tank… at least not yet.

Why Run Cars on Water?

So why run cars on water? Why the hell should you do such a thing? Well gang, let’s look at some of the benefits on this new HHO hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Number 1 – The most obvious…mileage

Increase in Mileage = DOLLARS to you. Let’s say you’re getting 20 miles per gallon and let’s pretend gas is down to $4.00 per gallon. That means you’re spending $200 per month in gas (at 1000 miles per mo.). I know, I know, you’re probably spending more – I know I am.

That means that you could be seeing an increase in millage that would result in almost $700 per year savings – every year, as in forever. As long as you run cars on water that is.
Okay, but anything else?

Number 2 – Save your engine.

Enhanced Engine Life: Water makes your engine run cooler. Burning the hydrogen makes your engine run smoother – that translates ot longer engine life — less wear and tear.

Here’s where the story gets better. This actually helps your engine. In the tests I’ve seen the engine RPM (revolutions per minute) actually slow down, and the engine gets quieter when the hydrogen is added.

Number 3 – The Taxman Comment… or not.

The IRS Will Love You: Since 2005, the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) has started giving tax credits to individuals who are embracing “green” technologies- and that includes HHO technologies!

Water hydrogen fuel cell technology has skyrocketed over the past year, and breakthroughs are happening all the time. This means it will become easier and more cost effective to run cars on water as time goes on.

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