How Much I Need to Pay for Developing an Android App?

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Having an Android mobile app has become the dire need of every business. These applications have proved to hold the potential to streamline business processes, enhance customer relationship, eliminate errors and frauds, upgrade sales, and much more.

But, one question that is still holding startup owners and entrepreneurs from entering into the Android market is, “How much I need to pay for developing an Android app?”

The businesspeople, with almost negligible tech knowledge, get confused with what amount of funds are required to build an application. Because of this, various mobile application development companies lure them with ‘nearly zero’ costing price or demand hefty amount in return of a normal application. This, as a whole, made them more conscious about investing in Android mobile application development and looking forward to understanding the science behind calculating app cost.

Considering the same thought, we will discuss how to decide the amount of funding required for application development in this article.

DISCLAIMER: There’s no fixed value to how much does app development cost. It varies from app to app.

The cost to design a mobile application depends on various factors. So, the right method to calculate the app cost is to look into these cost-defining factors, such as:-

  • Device and OS Version – Android platform is highly defragmented, because of which it is available on different types of devices and in different OS versions. So, the decision of how many device type and OS versions you want your app to be available upon also makes a difference. This is because more the number of devices and OS versions you take into account, more will the cost to build an app.
  • App Type – Whether you are building an enterprise app or a social media application like Instagram, the answer to this question also play a crucial role in the overall app cost. While an Enterprise mobility solution cost for around $50,000 to $1,75,000, it requires $35,000 to $40,000 to make a simple version of Instagram. So, sit with your team and discuss the app category you want to build for.
  • App Size and Complexity – Another factor that brings a substantial impact on the cost to create an Android mobile app is app size and complexity. If your app has hardly two or three screens, it requires less number of hours and efforts, implying a lower cost. But, if a full-fledged application has more than 10 app screens, it will definitely take more time and so ask for higher investment.

    Likewise, the Android app you wish to design is a basic app, the developers will encounter with nearly no challenge in designing it. Whereas, a complex mobile application will bring more challenges into the app development process which will eventually demand higher investment in terms of efforts and funds.
  • Features and Technologies – The number and type of features and technologies you introduce into your Android app development process also affect the overall app price. For example, an IoT based mobile app requires around $30,000 to $40,000.
  • App Design – The next factor that adds to the Android mobile app development cost is app design. If the design is simple and independent of any animation, it will take hardly 150 hours, whereas a highly engaging and customized application will demand another 250 hours, which implies higher app cost.
  • Coding Time – The decision of whether your app will be developed from scratch or the existing code will be reused also bring an impact on the overall application development cost.
  • App Development Process – Whether the company uses Distributed Agile development methodology or work using the traditional app development process like Waterfall, the time and efforts invested into Android mobile app development vary. This, in turn, makes a difference in the cost to create an Android app.
  • App Development Company– The mobile app development company you hire, the skill set they have, the years of experience they gained, the number of application they have developed, the services they offer, and the location they belong to also add to the app development price.
  • App Launch and Marketing – It takes around $25 to make a developer account forever to launch your own Android application, which counts under the app development cost. Besides, the efforts and funds utilized for promoting the application also affect the budget.
  • App Maintenance and Update – Last but not least, the efforts, time and funds used into the process of app maintenance and rolling an update also brings an impact on app cost – which counts around 20% of the total application development cost. So, don’t forget to keep a margin for them too.

So, this was all that you can look into to get an idea of the amount you need to pay for developing an Android application for your business and drive higher ROI. For any further query or get an exact value, discuss your business needs with the best Android experts today.

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