4 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid In 2018

In today’s technology world, social media marketing social is very crucial for the success of your business. Small, medium or large businesses are all doing social media marketing today. However, not all businesses are doing it rightly. Although it is not a guarantee that if you follow all the appropriate steps with your social media marketing efforts you will succeed since the chances of failing are also inevitable. Many businesses have in fact failed completely. However, your failure may be as a result of the below common mistakes. If you think that social media marketing doesn’t work for you or you heard it from other business people it could be the way you are doing it. Maybe you are doing it the wrong way.

This post will highlight some of the common social media marketing mistakes that you should steer clear and you will have a better chance of enjoying a successful social media marketing campaign.

1. Terming social marketing as a fruitless approach
Do you still think social media is a tool for social connection purposes? If yes, then you are wrong. Many business people have been dismissing social marketing as ineffective, in fact, many think that social media is a platform for teenagers and technology experts. Today, terming social marketing as a fruitless approach is just a misconception. Social media especially Twitter has been dominated by users of the age bracket at 55-64 years. The society will are today is well informed of the benefits that social media comes with. Therefore if you get an opportunity to create an effective social media strategy that will stand out from your competitors, you will benefit more from social media.

2. Managing a handful of accounts
Many business owners think that having too many social networks to manage is an incredible approach to their social media marketing strategy but this is not true. Doing this can result in stretching your marketing resources to much, and can produce insufficient results in the long run. A dedicated marketing expert is not supposed to manage more than 2 to 4 social media networks. However, if you have a team of experts to handle your organization’s social media strategy, you can decide to focus your concentration on the widely used social media platforms which are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. After realizing the social media network that produces better and enhanced outcome for your organization, you can then prioritize your effort on it.

3. Working without a social media team of experts
Everyone is an expert in their own field and not all people are experts in everything. If you are a business owner chances are that once you focus on social media marketing by yourself, you will end up eating up your precious time you could focus on the development of your business. Working with a dedicated team of experts who know the ins and outs of social media can be a benefit to your social media marketing strategy and can help in achieving your targets. Your team should have an analyst, a good communicator to engage your audience, a product expert and a coordinator who will be an assistant to the three professionals. It is good also to work with those that have their own social media accounts and if possible blogs since they are well-versed on matters of social media. The good thing is that they are also able to address both positive and negative feedbacks from customers since they are customer-oriented individuals.

4. Working without a social media policy
Do you think that you have an experienced team of individuals and that you don’t have to put in place social media policy? If yes, then you should change your mind and have a social media policy. Implementing a social media policy is very crucial especially when you don’t want to ruin your company’s reputation and if you want to take care of other essential issues. A solid social media policy will benefit your company by:
• Ensuring your employees preserve your company’s reputation.
• Restricting your staff from posting company’s private information.
• Ensuring your employees don’t post gripes about clients.
• Directing your staff on how to address negative feedback from your customers.

Although a company cannot prevent its staff from posting their views, it is good for them to be kept aware that what they post online is seen by everyone and can ruin the company’s reputation and this can be a disaster to the company. You should also read about social connection video services to learn more about matters of video production marketing.

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