Customer acquisition by using a convincing online presence


In the age of digitalization, change is inevitable. Technology is growing rapidly, progress is racing past us. This does not stop at everyday work. Less time makes it more and more difficult to intensively look after customer acquisition concepts according to old standards, which are also considered outdated. Innovative approaches, on the other hand, offer strong solutions that attract the attention of potential customers and can also be ideally integrated into fast-moving times. The Internet makes it possible.

Which levers have to be applied for a professional presence on the Internet?

Presenting yourself on the Internet is not difficult. Establishing a professional online presence on the net, on the other hand, requires a little more. Aspects such as a uniform design, recognizable objects such as logos play a decisive role. Only a strong corporate design ensures recognition by the end customer and thus creates long-term trust. In addition to design elements, which also include photos or buttons of a page, nowadays everything increasingly revolves around the actual content of the website. The content is more important than ever, because customers recognize the value of the offer by the quality of the content. It is also important to maintain the website. This means that regular updates belong to the important component of an Internet appearance, like with a Blog. In this way, new, fresh content is constantly added to the site, which considerably supports customer acquisition. In this case, nowadays employees are specially prepared for the aspects of appearing on the net. This allows content to be designed even more precisely and ensures that sufficient attention is paid to the Internet presence.

Are videos or photos needed on the website?

Less is more and a picture often says more than a thousand words, so you shouldn’t save at the wrong end when you’re online. More than text, the visual appearance, the design and especially the photos and images have an effect on the customer. Text comes second for the customer and offers information and must not be neglected, especially in SEO aspects. However, if you want to present yourself from its best side, you have to rely on high-quality images. These pictures and photos must be designed in professional quality and are primarily produced by experienced web graphic designers. Videos, also in special image videos, give an even better impression of the offer, company or product range. Videos (like the ones made by Animarco compress a lot of information in a short time in an easily understandable way and attract potential customers directly into their spell.

Explanation videos solve complicated issues so easily

Especially when it comes to difficult topics, most companies can’t avoid so-called explanatory videos. An explanatory video offers the option to present even complex facts in a clear and simple way. Quality also plays an important role here and should therefore be checked by professional, experienced specialists. Explanation videos are often equipped with symbol graphics, contain aspects of the service and the enterprise and can be emphasized even with professional speakers.

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