The Spark Bundle Package by DJI

The DJI Spark Fly More Combo is gathering a lot of heat around itself. Some experts regard it as a great gadget for the price considering the spec it offers. Others, however, think of it only as an item that is a bit overrated. By taking a close look at the product and what consumers are saying about it, here we are guiding you to it. So, let’s start our DJI Spark Fly More Combo Review.

What is it?For those of you who do not know what DJI Spark Fly is, it is the newest DJI drone that comes packed with a number of features. Available to you under 500 bucks, the drone can be launched from the palm of your hand. It has strong facial recognition system makes it a great pick for many people. When you compare it with other quadcopters from DJI, you will come across the fact that it is pretty much less priced. Yet it comes with many popular features that will lure you towards the item. Below, we will have an insight of this drone model.

The FHD camConsidering the price range of this drone, it is the first product that comes with a mechanically stabilized gimbal. The product has the ability to shoot 2.7K video with the help of its camera. It means that you can make 1080p videos once the cam on the drone is stabilized. Moreover, the camera is equipped with a feature known as the shallow focus mode. It let you capture photos of a particular object while keeping the background blur. The picture is obtained in 12 MP and result is absolutely remarkable.

Variety of flight modesThe drone comes with six different flight modes. These include the normal mode which is pretty much a default mode in any such drone. Then, you have the quick shot mode which allows you to capture pictures and view them as well as upload them in an instance. The dronie mode is its sub mode in which you focus on a particular thing. After that, the drone flies in a diagonal position (back and up) while keeping the object in the center of the image. Other modes include the circle, helix, active track, tapfly, tripod, and gesture. Here, discussing gesture mode is important because it is among the distinct features of DJI Spark Fly. It allows you to control the drone with the help of your gestures. Thus, you do not need any smartphone or remote control to operate the quadcopter.

BatteryWe have to admit here that this drone lacks when it comes to battery. However, it is not that bad, and the fact that you can charge it with a portable wireless charger pretty much acts as compensation for it. The battery will take around an hour to charge completely, and once you have it to its full potential, you can enjoy a 16 minutes flight time.

Controlling the droneThere are three different ways by which you can control the drone. These include the remote controller that comes with it, the free DJI Spark smartphone app, and the gesture mode (which you can find in flight patterns above).
The dedicated controller operates on 2.4 and 5.8 GHz. With its help, you can control the drone for up to 2 kilometers and stream the shot live on your smartphone.
If you want to use a smartphone for controlling the drone, your range will be limited to 80 by 50 meters horizontal fly by vertical fly respectively.

Final wordsSo, these are the features that you get in DJI Spark Fly. The DJI Spark Fly More Combo review is pretty much finished here. Lastly, we will like to give you a snippet of pros and cons.
The positive side to this product is that it is small and compact. It becomes stable easily and is perhaps the best drone that you can find in this price range. The two sonar sensors, gesture control, mechanically stabilized gimbal and LED indicators on rotors are a few other features that people look for.
The downside to this drone is that its battery lasts for 16 minutes only. The obstacle avoidance range is small, and you cannot make 4K quality videos from it.

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