The Best Face Masks to Wear While Working Out

Wearing a face mask reduces the respiratory particles emitted into the surrounding air by breathing. As physical exertion increases the force and frequency of breathing and therefore the amount of respiratory droplets introduced to the surrounding air and onto surfaces, it is important to wear a face mask while working out around other people. Here are a few features of the best active face masks to sport with Puma sneakers or your favorite athletic shoes.

Breathable Mask Materials

Choosing a mask made out of a material that allows for air flow can make it easier to adjust to wearing a face mask while working out. Aim to balance breathability with protection. A mask is only effective if it limits the spread of your own respiratory droplets to protect others and protects you against exposure to the COVID-19 virus. Non-medical face masks should consist of more than one layer of fabric, a consideration which makes selecting breathable materials even more important.

Some of the best active face masks, such as those sold by Puma online, are made of nylon and spandex. Everyday masks may not be flexible enough to maintain a secure fit over your nose and mouth during exercise. Masks for active wear may also have an antimicrobial lining that is resistant to odors and wicks away moisture in addition to a water-resistant outer shell. Even if you initially find it difficult to breathe while working out in a mask, it will become easier over time.

Secure Mask Straps

While many non-medical masks only have ear loops, a head strap or neck strap may improve the fit of masks for exercising. Some masks also feature adjustable ear loops, while other styles can be knotted at the appropriate length. The straps on a mask should ensure that the fabric sits close to your face and stays in place. A bendable nose piece may also improve the fit of a mask. Ideally, you should not need to adjust mask straps while working out, as this reduces your risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus through contact.

Alternative Face Coverings

Other styles of face coverings suitable for working out may resemble bandanas, balaclavas or gaiters. Be sure to check to see how each of these styles fits to ensure that you will be protected. Like many styles of sneakers for men online, some mask designs have small perforations for improved ventilation. This feature enhances breathability but makes a face covering less suitable for wear indoors where breathing, coughing or talking make virus transmission more likely.

A mask that covers your nose and mouth or a similar style of face covering can reduce the spread of respiratory droplets. Multiple studies have shown that face masks are effective for reducing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Select masks that are comfortable enough to keep on the entire time you are working out indoors at a gym or outdoors in areas where you are surrounded by or likely to cross paths with other people. Wearing masks can help you and others exercise more safely.

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