6 Gift Ideas for Him

There are few things that are more difficult than finding a proper gift for the men in your life, whether it is your father, brother, friend, or husband.

A lot of men are impossible to get a wish-list from, which makes the weeks before every birthday and Christmas kind of a struggle. Here are a couple of tips that will most likely be a hit with your man.

1. Travel

If your budget is big enough, plan a trip to a destination you think he’ll enjoy. It doesn’t have to be the Maldives to be a great gift, it could be a weekend in the mountains, a couple of days in an exciting city nearby or just a night at a nice hotel. Most men will also appreciate the fact that they won’t have to plan or organize anything.

2. Workout Gear

If he’s active, some great new workout gear is something he’ll always appreciate. Maybe he needs new running shoes, a new and fancy tennis rachet or a new pair of skis?

You could also look into workout gadgets like Fitness Watches, wireless sweatproof headphones or scales that track your health in addition to your weight. Another great idea is to buy him a couple of workouts with a personal trainer.

3. Gadgets

All men love gadgets, that’s just the way it is. There are plenty of fun gadgets out there, in all price ranges, and definitely for all types of guys and their interests.

If your budget is limited, there are still fun and useful gadgets out there which don’t cost a fortune. For example, a mini drone, which you can get for under $30, a Portable Air Cooler for under $20 or VR Glasses wich you can get for around $50.

With a bigger budget, the gadgets get even fancier. Surprise him with installing some new home security gadgets, maybe a new code lock on your front door or an intercom system which lets you speak with, and see, the people that ring your doorbell.

You could also get him other home gadgets like Alexa – a virtual assistant that can help you keep track of your appointments, control lights, heat and other functions in your smart home and it is, above everything else, great entertainment.

4. Adventures

A fun adventure is always a great gift, whether it’s something to do together or that he can do with a friend or two. Has he told you about something he wants to try, like skydiving, regular diving, wine tasting, or a cooking class?

Maybe there’s a concert he would really enjoy, a comedian he likes who’s on tour or a play he has talked about. There are endless possibilities when it comes to adventures, take some time and find out what would fit him the best.

5. Food

An eatable gift is almost always a good idea. Many tries to save money where they can and that often results in a smaller food budget. Buy him some luxury foods that you know he’ll enjoy, maybe some good sausages, a rich bottle of olive oil, some French cheese, or a big steak.

You can also take him out to eat at a nice restaurant, maybe one rated in the Michelin Guide to make the experience even more exciting.

6. Clothes or accessorize

Last, but not least – buy him a piece of clothing he’s been wanting and maybe even been saving up for. A nice linen shirt for the summer or a duvet jacket for the colder winter months. If he has a favourite brand or store, it would make the whole shopping process a bit easier.

If he has everything he needs in his closet, maybe a nice weekend bag could be a better choice or a nice suitcase for him to use at work. Or is he a backpack type of guy? If he wears jewellery, a nice ring could possibly be the perfect gift, or if you have the budget – a classic watch.

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