3 Profitable Online Businesses You Can Try in 2018

Do you plan to start a business? If you want to do that this year, you can try to start a digital or online business. Starting an online business in the environment where internet technology has been developed greatly like today will give you a lot of benefits. Some of those benefits are:

– You can start it at a low cost,

– No need to worry about overheads,

– You can run it from anywhere,

– You can use it as your part-time job,

– You don’t need staff unless you decide to hire one.

With all of those benefits, now you can start the online business that you want. However, choosing one type of business that can give you a good profit and easy to run is not easy. But, here we have the list of the online business that will give you a better chance to make more money.

1. Used Textbooks Business

This is a simple online business that you can try, where you use the trade-in program from Amazon. The process is easy. You just need to buy the used textbook from Amazon. Then, you trade it via trade-in program from Amazon. The price difference between the price when you bought it and the price when you trade it will become your profit. And, it can give you quite a big profit.

For example, you can buy a Biology 101 textbook from Amazon at $45. However, you can trade it for $70. As you can see, the profit is more than 50%. You can search the deals manually. But, if you want to save your time, you can use the help from TexTrader. To start this business, you will need to prepare the budget, at least $50. However, if you can do it smoothly, you can get income from $50 to $1000.

2. Affiliate Marketing

We can say that this type of business is the simplest of all. What you need here is promoting the product or service from a company or brand. So, your job is finding the customer or buyer for that product. You don’t need to worry about shipping and such. It’s all the responsibility of the company and brand of that product. The income is coming from the commission that you will get from the company that owns that product.

To start this business, you will need to prepare the budget for paying the website. The details are:

– $10 for web hosting,

– $10 for a domain name,

– $30 for the website theme (you can use paid WordPress theme).

However, the income you can get every month is very promising. You can get at least $50 per month, and if you succeed, you can even earn $100,000 per month. There is a simple tip to success in this business. You need to find low competition keywords and use it to promote the content and product of the affiliate marketing program. If you use the right SEO method, your website will be able to show up on the first page of the search engine. Therefore, you will get more visitor and more chances for a transaction to be made.

3. Etsy

Etsy is a website that sells vintage, handmade craft and arts. Therefore, if you have a hobby to make handicraft or artwork, you can use the service from Etsy to make money. You can sell your creation at this website. Now, what kind of the product those sell well at Etsy?

This year, the personalized items are very popular. You can make many different products, such as mugs, pillows, bags, sticker and other. If you can’t make it artistic enough, you can sell it as raw material for other crafters. This will give you another opportunity to make money from your crafting hobby.

The good thing about Etsy is you can start your room to sell your product for free. Moreover, they also provide training and support for their members. There is even course that you can use to get the knowledge about SEO. And, this training course is covered by Etsy.

The Etsy business has a bigger opportunity to give you a bigger profit than other business. Firstly, you can start this business for free. And, if you can promote your product really well, you can make more than $10,000 per month. Some of the top sellers can even sell 1,000 products every day. Just by looking at that, you will know how much money you can get.

So, those are the 3 top online businesses you can try this year. Even though they look like an easy business to do, you need to plan it carefully. Therefore, you can maximize the profit you can get from those simple businesses.

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