A comprehensive Guide to Arranging Furniture

The right furniture arrangement is essential for enhancing the appeal of your home. However, it requires precise attention both in aspects of form and function. The way you arrange furniture speaks a lot about you.

Therefore, when you update your space make sure to pay attention to the following tips: 

1. Take Proper Measurements

Before you start with the process of room arrangement, consider taking the careful measurement of your room and furniture items. Also, take into account the room you are redesigning. Once done with this, apply these basic measurements:

  • Make sure to leave a gap of 30 inches between different pieces of furniture. This will enable you to move around freely. 
  • To facilitate easy conversation chairs and sofas that face each other shouldn’t be more than 8 feet apart.
  • An ideal distance of 14-18 inches should be maintained between the sofa and coffee table so that people can reach out to tabletop easily. 
  • For dining table set use chairs that are approximately 20-24 inches wide and ensure maintaining a distance of at least 6 inches between them. 
  • Leave space of around 2 feet on either side of the bed to facilitate easy movement. 
  • For dining room table ensure the distance of at least 36 inches from each wall so that you can push and move chairs back and forth. Do the same when placing a study table for kids.

2. Create A Focal Point

When arranging a particular room, make sure to create a focal point. Decide the focal point based on the purpose for which you will be primarily using the room. Whether you want to use the room for gaming, watching television, or entertaining with friends, your sole purpose should decide the arrangement. Some examples for focal points include a large window, fireplace, home entertainment areas, French doors, or a seating arrangement. 

3. Improve Experience

When arranging a TV room, pay attention to the place from where you are likely to watch the screen. Also, consider the time when you will be watching TV. If you watch TV during the daytime then place it such that the screen doesn’t get the sunlight on it. Whereas if you watch it during the evening, obviously lights will be switched on time, so place it such that lights do not shine on the screen. Hence, before moving any heavy equipment test lamp and screen for proper placement. In addition, avoid placing audio speakers close to walls, drapes, and other furniture items. This is because they can absorb sound and lead to vibrations.

Lastly, try out for some diagonals. Placing furniture in parallel or with a 90-degree angle from walls or other furniture items has become obsolete. So, introduce a twist. Place sofa, chairs, and love seat on a certain angle so that conversations can be carried out easily while eliminating the space constraints.  

So, when next time you are puzzled with the right furniture arrangement keep the aforementioned tips in mind. Definitely, they will help you organize your room in the most effective way. 

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