The best remote controlled toys for your kids – Let them enjoy their childhood

As we’re almost at the middle of 2018, it seems like everything is being controlled with a remote, particularly when children’s toys are concerned. Such toys were first made popular by children but the remote controlled toys gradually got technologically advanced to such a level that they can even be played by adults. For example, if you take RC Cars like RC Leksaker, they can be played at any age and drones can just do everything whether it is about capturing aerial shots or just exploring the skies by staying grounded.

Drones and cars are just the beginning as there is a wide array of gadgets and toys that are being brought into the market and that can be controlled remotely. We have compiled a list of the best remote control toys that you can get for your kids.

#1: Parrot Jumping Sumo

No, don’t think that this is a parrot but the Parrot’s Jumping Sumo is a 2-wheeler which is capable of doing really big things despite having a sleek and slim body. It is pretty agile and it can move at a speed of 4.5 miles in an hour. It can spin 180 degrees and it is also able to jump for more than 2 feet at a single bound. You also get on-board camera which thrives alongside the USB port and which has the capability of recording and uploading videos of deadly stunts via a mobile app.

#2: Anki Overdrive Starter Kit

This was launched in the year 2015 and since then it has been deemed to be one of the hottest toys for kids. When you use this car, you can take good command on the robotic Supercars by using an Android or an iOS smartphone. Additional Supercars, expansion tracks and other Supertrucks are also there separately. If you’re a racer or you have a winning streak within you, you can definitely get Anki Overdrive to race against several other vehicles that are controlled by Artificial Intelligence.

#3: WowWee MiP

This gadget stands 8-inch tall; this is an MiP which is full of emotions with 2 LED eyes and 2 wheels which gives it the permission to zoom around while also keeping the exact balance. With its IR sensors, this MiP allows you to control the robot with motions of your hand. In case you think this is too futuristic for you, you are also allowed to control the robot through an app in your mobile. The 6 modes in the gadget are Track, Tricks, Cave, Roam, Stack and Dance.

#4: Jibo Social Robot

This is undoubtedly the most costly item on this list and this was deemed to be the best inventions that were made in the year 2017. It has got in-built cameras and it can recognize and learn from the user over time. It has got the power of recognizing crucial social cues like whether or not you’re smiling. Jibo needs a mobile device and also a broadband internet connection to operate it.

Therefore, if you’re eager to buy the best quality remote control toys for your kids, you can choose any of the above mentioned ones.

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