15 Tips Make your small company start like a rocket

15 Tips Make your small  company start like a rocket

When opening a company you must deal with them carefully and thoughtfully in order to get a successful company and of course you will need to rent an office in the beginning if a small company and you have to choose the office in a special place and close to your customers.

Before you continue reading, please be aware that all of the following tips are directed to you in case you have a small project that you are trying to develop as quickly and efficiently and as well. It may include some tips that can in no way be applied to medium and large companies.

These tips are not sacred texts .. Maybe your approach and the way you manage them do not match or do not correspond to your circumstances .. But all I can promise you, is that if you apply them all – or some – in a seasoned and good .. Your company will not remain small yet right Now !

Give me your focus first .. Then decide for yourself!

Tip 1: Make your annual bonuses generous

This step will impress you from the performance of your employees. If your employees know that at the end of the year they will earn a generous annual bonus – according to your company’s capabilities – this will motivate them to work to achieve the goals set in full and higher quality ..

If you want your employees to focus on improving margin and profitability by growing your business, they should feel that “light is worth the candle value” as the saying goes. Pay them well for good performance.

Tip 2: Reduce expenses

Try to create a tight system for your company’s expenses. Any addition, development or modernization you bring to the company must come with careful caution, and a full assessment of the expenses that you will bear according to a time frame .. Do not leave anything to chance or luck or even excessive enthusiasm ..

Keep in mind that extra expenses are “going on two legs” and will gradually eat up all your money! No company – old or new – can avoid the rapid growth of additional expenses that come after the launch in their application without tight plans with a time frame ..

Tip 3: Never authorize anyone in reward arrangements!

Be very careful that you yourself assess, determine and distribute the rewards to your employees, and do not delegate this task to others .. I know the owner of a company did it once, and after 12 months found his company is obliged to pay very exaggerated rewards to 6 collaborators for a slight rise Very profitable!

The mistake is not that of the collaborators.

Tip four: Praise the excellent work

One of the most important things in the relationship between the employer and the employees is that the employees are very respectful of the president who knows the difference between ordinary and extraordinary work. This in itself is a huge motivation for them, because not all employees receive the usual rewards and incentives positively. – The majority – looking for someone who recognizes their efforts and appreciates them and appreciates them greatly .. even if just patting on their shoulders, or recognize them that they are distinct and their performance is great ..

Tip five: disconnect these brands .. without mercy!

The incompetent .. incompetent .. people whose presence causes inconvenience or unpleasant sense of discomfort .. Believe me, separating these models from your company mercilessly, everyone will feel comfortable, and will contribute to create a better work environment!

Tip six: Beware of excess luxury

Such as the distribution of smart phones, or entertainment programs at the expense of the company .. First class tickets in the means of transport .. Etc .. You are not president of the company (Samsung) to provide your employees with these advantages!

Tip 7: Be a model for spending

If you want luxury furniture for your office, pay for it from your pocket! How do you expect your company to implement an economy of expenses when workers enter your office and know that the company paid for the welfare of your office ?!

Tip 8: Always be with them

Give them gifts of marriage .. Bless them on newborns, birthdays, and religious holidays .. Use your car in the presence of their wedding, and share their wedding and happy occasions .. Even their sorrows shared them ..

Do not feel that you are that boring, wicked president who does nothing but make observations and attention to work .. Be friends with them and dissolve all barriers, except for the seriousness and efficiency of work ..

Tip 9: Support your collaborators

Delegate them with tasks, the mandate comes with responsibility .. Support your collaborators publicly when it is necessary .. If you do not like their performance, talk to them in secret .. If the poor performance continues to separate them without hesitation!

Tip 10: Look for talent

Talents always come in different shapes and sizes, often shy and unable to express themselves. The real talent does not wear the finest clothes and monopolize the talk in meetings .. Often you’ll find wearing cheap “T-shirts” in the lower sectors of your company .. Look for it, test it Give her a lot of work and responsibilities, praise her, reward her.

It will bring you loads of cash!

Tip 11: Meet your competitors’ talents

This step, if you do it well, it will be a major hit without a doubt .. Monitor the talented elements in the projects of your competitors, and try to meet them informally in any way ..

A friend of an entrepreneur who was addicted to this step, and was able to know very much what his opponents intend to do in the coming days .. He was a professional in stealing these talents from competitors!

Always look for talent, even with your competitors.

Tip 12: Don’t keep secrets from your collaborators

The more secrets you give to your managers and associates, the greater their respect for working with you, and the greater effort they make to improve work. Many employers disagree with this policy, because they love the hollow sense of power, and that they “know what others don’t know”.

Do not make your concern in power .. Make your concern in enrichment .. Make your concern in the development of the pie!

Tip 13: Strengthen your relationships with suppliers and suppliers

Employers always remember wooing big customers and often overlook their relationship with suppliers. This is an outrageous mistake for many people. Invite them to dinner, and make your relationship strong with them. Market, will definitely benefit you in your movements ..

Tip 14: Sell early!

If you have the opportunity to sell an asset of your company – or equivalent to your situation – at its highest value, do so without hesitation! Remember that the value of things does not continue to escalate forever, and that if you are offered a deal, it may never be repeated later!

Get rid of this emerging project when it thrives .. and start another new project without hesitation 🙂

Often you lose money and you stick to not sell .. More than you earn waiting for you to come at a higher price .. Remember this sentence constantly!

Tip 15: Don’t talk bad about your competitors

Try to praise them whenever the opportunity arises .. And certainly will get them praise this sooner or later .. Always make them competitors to you, but do not turn them into enemies .. If you understand what I mean!

15 simple, straightforward, straightforward advice that can change your entire project’s development for the better .. only if you apply it correctly!

This is our role anyway .. We tell you the rules and basics, and leave you the application ..

In the end, this rule has always been applied to my responsibility:

 If your competitor is younger than you, try to rent, buy or add it to you. If he doesn’t budge, try to break him and crush him! If it doesn’t work, make him a friend and ally with him against the huge elephants! 🙂

Start now .. and create your company

But, never fight tigers alone, my friend, if you want your project to succeed in the end!      

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