Different alloys of tin and their usage

Before starting let us revise our knowledge about alloys. Alloys are the mixture of two elements. Why we do this? Different ratios of two elements can give us some new properties which can eb sued for some other purposes which were impossible or difficult to perform earlier.

Tin is famous for its alloy, there are a number of alloys of tin. Ever alloy has its own significance. You can not deny its importance. Tin itself is a very efficient element. 

These alloys are sued in making buildings, electronics, utensils, tin containers for keeping things, cars and aircraft. I will get short of words for describing the vast usage of tin alloys in every walk of human life. 

In this article we will see the different types of tin alloys and their usage. 


It is the alloy of copper and tin. A small portion of tin, nearly 15 percent is used for making bronze. Many coins now a days are made up of bronze.

There are a variety of bronze available in market. For instance hose bronze is the most widely used . phors bronze is used in the manufacturing of bolts, fasteners and other similar items. It is categorically defined as the most strong type of alloy. 

Bronze is also used for making ships and boats. It is known for its low friction surface thus it is highly efficient in reducing the power used for the working of mechanical tools. 

Bell metals 

It is another type of tin alloy. It is a mixture of tin approximately 22 percent or more and the rest is copper. This is specifically manufactured to make bells. 

In ancient times churches and other prayer houses tend to use bells. This alloy was the only source for making the finest bells. It is known for its rigidity. For making small bells the percentage of tin is reduced in order to make them thin and flexible. 


Pewter holds the highest percentage of tin approximately 90 percent. Tin is mixed with copper, antimony, lead or sometimes with bismuth.  

Pewter is used for decorations. Many east Asians and Egyptians use this alloy for decorating their antiques and utensils. It is also used for polishing the old bronze utensils and containers. Now a days it is used for making jewelry and coins.  


This is one of the softest kind of metal alloys. This is not used for making any kind of hard machinery but only some parts of them. 

It is made up of some hard and soft metals. You can feel the granules within. Its friction is not much so it can be used in different  devices where there is a need of a slight friction. This is also used for designing a number of decorative items. This alloy was not designed with any intention .it was created by an accident. Anyhow, it is still in use, a lot of companies use it instead of other malleable materials for manufacturing a  number of items.

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