Gearing Up – A Guide to Taking Care of a Vintage Car

There’s something special about owning a vintage car. For one, they’re a pleasure to drive, especially so if you’ve spent some time, money and energy into restoring one to its former glory. You’ll turn heads on the road as you go for your Sunday drive, energy revving, tunes blaring and the sun shining. A vintage car is also a symbol of status, prestige and power – you’re letting people know that you’re the man (or woman) and that you can afford the finer things in life.

Yet for all this owning a vintage car isn’t a walk in a park. They require care, attention and time to keep them looking great and on the road. After all, you don’t want to break down on your Sunday drive or get around in a shabby-looking vehicle. So let’s gear up and learn how you can look after a vintage car so you’re driving in style for years to come.

Regular Servicing and Maintenance

Like all cars, vintage automobiles require regular servicing and maintenance work. A twice-yearly car service in Airport West will ensure that your beast stays on the road, operating at peak efficiency like the well-oiled machine it deserves to be. Older cars can get a bit fussy as well, so having a skilled mechanic in your list of contacts is a great asset to have.

Unlike modern cars, vintage vehicles don’t have computers or sensors in their engines to alert you when there is an issue with the engine or when oil or other fluid is running low, so as well as booking in for your regular service make sure to always check your oil and other fluids, maintain a decent tyre pressure and perform other routine checks on your pride and joy.

Store it Properly

You want to keep your prestige automobile in pristine condition, right? So make sure that you don’t just park it on the street where it is exposed to the elements. If you have a garage, great – park it in there. If you don’t and you have to park it in the street then make sure that you invest in a decent cover so it isn’t exposed to the wind, rain and sun.

Another option for storing your wheels is in a dedicated storage centre. Most storage companies have space for cars, caravans and boats so if you can afford it this a great option to keep your car covered until you’ve got some time to take it for a spin,

It’s the Detailing That Counts

There’s no point in driving a lean, mean road machine if it’s not shining and gleaming all the time. You’ll want to detail your car as often as you can. You can either do this yourself, taking care to wash, wax and polish it until it’s as shiny as a mirror in the sun or you can take it to a professional car wash – or book in a mobile detailing service. A professional car cleaning company may charge a premium to give a vintage car a full-service detail but the results are incredible, and this saves you valuable time. You can sit back, grab a snack and a coffee and drive away in a stunning, shining auto.

To Conclude

Owning a vintage car is a dream come true, but it does require some time and effort as well. Keep your wheels in perfect form by investing in regular servicing and maintenance, and store it properly away from the harsh elements. Make sure that you either detail your car yourself or take it to a professional. Happy driving!

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