New Methods That Will Restore Contaminated Sites

There are two significant ways that populations can improve the environment and the quality of life for everyone in the vicinity. One is to create eco-friendly products and to encourage responsible behaviours so that people limit any harm they can bring to the world around them. The second is confronting and fixing any damages that were caused to the environment, like soil and groundwater being contaminated with toxic substances. Innovative companies are making it faster and easier to remediate these sites so that the unsafe decisions and accidents of the past don’t follow populations into the future.

One of the top chemical companies in Toronto is prepared to help with the treatment and the restoration of sites. If an area has been assessed and determined to be contaminated, corporations should go to CCC Chemicals for assistance — they are one of the best chemical companies Toronto has and they are one of the biggest independent distributors that the entire country has to offer.

They have amassed an extensive portfolio of chemical products catering to prominent industries like wastewater treatment, construction and mining. An impressive portion of this portfolio is dedicated to environmental remediation for soil and groundwater sites — these cutting-edge chemical products are acquired from international suppliers like Carus Corporation and Regenesis Environmental Technologies.

A case study showed the success of the remediation of a former industrial site contaminated with liquid trichloroethylene — this is a volatile substance that can produce toxic gases and that is considered to be carcinogenic to humans since it is linked to developments of kidney cancer and non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Removing the soil from the area was not a desirable long-term solution, so the site was treated with a potassium permanganate called RemOx S ISCO reagent.

This cost-effective option is a versatile oxidant designed to target contaminants and to treat the root of the problem. The study showed how the product was blended into the soil for forty-nine days until the contents became a uniform shade of violet and the samples could no longer detect TCE.

This line of chemical solutions was procured from the remediation technologies division of Carus Corporation — they are global leaders that create high-quality products for complex scenarios requiring bioremediation, in-situ chemical reduction and more.

Another possibility for contaminated sites is the remediation technology PlumeStop, which is made from activated carbon particles suspended in water through organic polymer dispersion chemistry. The solution created by the company Regenesis Environmental Technologies removes contaminants from groundwater and rapidly speeds up the process of biodegradation — the incredible speed of the chemical system is the ultimate benefit that it brings to the table. If a facility or group is looking to achieve their remediation goals in a hurry, this would be the ideal technology to meet that tight deadline.

Leaving sites that are contaminated with harmful substances is not an acceptable option. Untouched sites contribute to long-term environmental damages and they put people’s health at risk. Treating these areas with the right chemical solutions is a lot more effective than letting them fester.

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