5 Ways You Can Develop Your Business With a Commercial Drone

As a business owner, you know that you have to constantly upgrade your company and evolve with it. One of the biggest challenges is making your name stand out from the crowd. Now, as the title obviously suggests, today, we are going to talk about the ways of developing your business with the use of the latest technological wonder, the commercial drones. But before we begin, we have to say that not all businesses can blossom with the use of drones, therefore, we will focus on the ones that can actually benefit from these amazing gadgets, whether we are talking about small, medium or big businesses. These five tips will help you get an idea how to make your business more modern and more competitive, with the use of commercial drones.

Upgrading Your Real Estate Business

People who are in this line of work know that it is all about perfect presentation. You need to have a good location, to say the right words to the potential buyers, and present the real estate as it is just the one they were looking for. But, before you even get to that point, you need a way to attract the potential customers, right? Here is where the drones come into play.

To create a perfect ad for a real estate you want to sell, you need to make a perfect video or a collection of photos, from all the possible angles. With a camera and a tripod you can get the job done, but with a drone, you can make it look much more attractive. Nothing makes a better impression of a beach house as a slow aerial zoom-in on the house, from the sea! There are numerous advantages of using a drone in this business, and if you want to get more into details, we suggest that you read an article about best drones for real estate.

Wedding Videos from the Air

For those who are in the business of wedding photography and videos, using a drone is the next step they have to make for getting ahead of the competition. Just imagine a video starting with a sky high scene, where you can only see the glimpse of the church below. Then the video zooms in on the church and Presto – you see the smiling wedding couple and their friends waving at the camera.

Another great shot you can make with a drone is the moment when the bride tosses the bouquet, and you follow it from the air, or the moment the wedding couple leaves the church while their friends toss flower petals and your drone is in the middle of the action with petals flying around the camera. The possibilities are limitless and all you have to do is to buy a model with a great camera, great automatic modes so that you can focus on the filming while the drone does all the flying. And, practice, practice, practice!

Sports Equipment Store – Infuse Pure Adrenaline With a Drone

If you are in the sports equipment business, then you know that nothing sells the goods better than a high-adrenaline action-filled sports video. Thanks to the latest commercial drone models, your videos will make your customers feel like they can win the Olympics if they have your equipment! The most suitable drones for this mission would be the ones who offer modes like Follow Me, Point of Interest, Cable Cam, and so on. The best ones we can suggest are the DJI Phantom series (3 or 4), 3DR Solo drone, or the AirDog drone as they are the fastest ones, and you will need a drone that can keep up with the action.

For example, you can shoot a few videos where you, or your friends, or someone who is great in skiing or snowboard stunts, do some downhill skiing combined with some jumps and stunts. The best way to make a breathtaking video is with a drone, as it allows you to follow the action from any angle. Just imagine a jump where the drone circles around the skier or snowboarder and he waves to the camera as he flies by! Later, you can edit those videos and start sharing them on social media,  in your store, as well as use them for your website, just before the winter comes and your skiing equipment becomes wanted. Or, even better, create an online shop where you can have a video for every product you sell.

Delivery Business

For those who are in the delivery business, adding air delivery to your shipment options is something that will become a huge hit, and it will also cut down on budget losses, as well as make your delivery times shorter. But, you have to keep in mind that the range of the drones is not bigger than 3-4 miles, at least for models that can carry a certain amount of cargo.

For example, if you own a pizza place, you can offer your customers, within a 3-mile radius, the option of delivering the pizza to their doorstep by a drone. They can make the payment online, and all they would have to do is to get out of the house and take the pizza from the drone. This can principle can also be used for coffee delivery or any other package that doesn’t weigh more than 2kg.

Crop Dusting With a Drone

Now, before you go all “How can you crop dust an entire field with a drone? That is too much space to cover! It can’t be done without a plane!” We will say, yes, all your points stand, but… For example, if you already own a plane and your own crop dusting business, you know that spotting a certain part of the field from a plane, where only a few crops need special treatment, is mission impossible, right?

We are not suggesting that you sell your plane and use a drone instead. Our idea is to add a drone to your fleet and use it for those special cases where a plane isn’t much of a help. Modern drones can even use infrared cameras, which can actually spot the plants needing special treatment that would actually harm the healthy plants. All you need to do is fly there with your drone and turn on the sprayer. Simple as that!


Now that we have presented a few ideas for how to develop your business with a drone, we hope that your business will evolve and give you an edge over the competition. The practical use of these amazing gadgets is limitless and as the technology evolves, so does their versatility, and who know what the drones will be used in some 10 years in the future.


Jack Brown is a true drone passionate and he focused his education on this amazing field. Thus, he graduated the Drone/UAV Pilot Training Certificate program and now he’s a member of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International. His main purpose right now is to find and develop new features and help others discover the wonderful experience of flying a drone. For this, he is the main editor and content creator at MyDroneLab Blog where you can find everything you want to know about drones.

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