Things to Know in 2020 if you are Moving Into a Rental Home in Ghaziabad

Wondering whether renting a flat in Ghaziabad is okay or not? Read on to find out.

Ghaziabad is the second-fastest growing city in the Delhi NCR region. It is one of the cleanest and beautiful cities to live in. Ghaziabad is known as the Gateway of Uttar Pradesh, as it boasts its status as a well-planned city, with good connectivity and commercial hubs. As it is located near to the capital of India, the city eclipses the weather of Delhi.

Education Sector in Ghaziabad

If you are thinking of moving to Ghaziabad along with your family, then you should look for the educational status in the city. There are many public and private educational hubs that offer quality education. The schools and colleges over here are accredited by the standards set by the government authorities.

Traffic in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad does not have a proper traffic management system. People do not take the traffic rules seriously over here. Individuals drive their vehicles in a rough manner. Since the city is a part of the Delhi NCR, the traffic is severe in the city.

When you are living in the center of the city in Ghaziabad, you may have to face a lot of traffic. On the other hand, when you are renting a flat in Ghaziabad in a remote location, the traffic woes may be less.

Food in Ghaziabad

From street food to local food, and international food, Ghaziabad is home to multiple cuisines. There are numerous cafes and restaurants in the city, which serves you with good quality food that can satiate your taste buds.

Famous cafes, wherein you can have snacks, are Le-Frasage, Hristo, Time Out, and Mad Over Donuts, among others. Popular restaurants in Ghaziabad include The Chinese Hut, Breads Curry and Biryani, Fired Karamchari, Walk in the Woods, Cinnamon Kitchen, Handi Highway Dining, Chick Chicken Barbeque, Nazeer Foods, and Dragon Noodles.

Nightlife in Ghaziabad

If you are a night owl and feel trapped in your home during the night, the city will provide you with all the freedom. There are many lounges, bars, and pubs. The famous night hangout spot includes Illusion, Sapphires, Chillum, Berco’s, Black Lounge, 9 Mars Lounge, Sultan Lounge, and Mockingbird.

If shopping is what interests you the most, the city has the most number of shopping centers. The shopping malls include Europark mall, Shipra mall, Pacific Mall, and Gaur Central Mall.

Key Takeaway

Ghaziabad is a good place to look for a rental flat, as here you can experience the city life. Here, you do not have to face the hectic schedule of typical city life and yet do not have to miss out on the fun things in the city.

Since the city is growing at a fast pace in terms of industrialization, it is keeping the residential sector alive. The new concept of co-living space and paying guests are some of the affordable housing options. However, if you are renting a flat in Ghaziabad with your family, you need to look for at least 2 BHK. There are many brokers available in the city, who will help you find a rental flat in Ghaziabad, of course at a brokerage. If you want to take a free route, you can simply contact us to cut the wait and charges.

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