5 Best Grammar Correction Tools

Regardless of whether you write as a part of your syllabus, or if it is a part of your job description, writing is just about necessary for all of us out here. Be it for a professional purpose, or solely for the contentment of one’s heart, many people around the world find deep solace in writing. Bloggers, content writers, or mere employees needing to send out an official email to their bosses, writing always finds a way into the common life. And thus, there comes the importance of grammar. 

Grammar is the soul of any language, and important, to build an efficient instant impression on people with one’s writings. Improper grammar often ticks the readers or recipients off, showing the sender in a bad light. Hence, a lot of grammar tools have been springing up recently to help out the common masses. If you find yourself having trouble with grammar too, we have here enlisted the best 5 grammar tools to assist you: 

  1. LanguageTool: LanguageTool is a proofreading software that assists you in your writing. This application can be used directly on a website, or you can get its browser extension, compatible with both Firefox and Chrome. The tool is free to use for short texts of 20k characters per check, although the premium paid version comes with some additional features. This grammar tool not only corrects your grammar and spellings, but also indicates your time errors, or even your date and day sync mistakes. Moreover, the application works not only for English grammar but also for over 28 different languages. 
  2. Ginger: Ginger is yet another popular choice when it comes to grammar tools. It works as a browser extension. Once the extension is added it is available on various platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc., so you don’t make any grammar mistakes, even while posting a simple update to your Facebook profile. Besides working on your spellings and sentences, the tool also gives you a chance to improve your vocabulary. 
  3. WhiteSmoke: This one here is another one of the best grammar tools available today. Although the tool can’t be used online and is entirely application-based, it can be used even when writing something online. WhiteSmoke grammar tool has your back irrespective of whether you are writing on Facebook, twitter, some Microsoft app, or even Google+. The tool always makes sure that you have correct spellings, grammar, as well as writing style for every purpose. Also, there are over a hundred CV and email templates available at your easy disposal.  
  4. Grammarly: Definitely one of the most popular writing aids in the present world. The tool is available both as an online application, or as a browser extension, compatible with all popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and corrects over 150 types of writing errors, such as punctuation, grammar, writing style, contextual spellings, sentence structure, etc. The basic version of the tool is free while the upgraded version charges a little extra for some extra features. You can get Grammarly premium free trial also if you are a blogger.
  5. ProWritingAid: As the name already suggests, ProWritingAid offers support to your writing. This tool is a whole writers’ mentor in itself, checking your grammar, spellings, writing style, the complexity of your sentences, inconsistencies, and much more. All of this adds up to making your text more efficient and reader-friendly. The online tool is free of cost and can be used as a browser extension, but only 500 words can be edited with free grammar checker at a time. You could also purchase the upgraded grammar tool which comes with no word limits. 

Final Words

Incorrect grammar can become quite embarrassing in this world of social media, where everyone expresses themselves with posts made of words. Hopefully, with the use of the above mentioned best 5 grammar tools, you wouldn’t have to go through that humiliation. Great writing ahead!  

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