5 Augmented Reality Apps for iOS That You Need to Check Out

Apple first released its ARKit more than three years ago, and developers have definitely used it to their advantage. These days there are dozens of augmented reality apps that iPhone and Apple device users of all ages and types can enjoy.

While Pokémon Go is one of the most popular and memorable augmented reality apps that has hit the mainstream in the last few years, the technology goes far beyond catching virtual monsters and battling with them. Today there are all sorts of apps that put real people into virtual spaces, sometimes just using the iPhone’s camera view!

Keep reading to learn about five of the coolest augmented reality apps that are available on iOS.

1. Civilizations AR

Have you ever wanted to see ancient relics up close and personal, such as those from ancient Egypt or Renaissance times? While you could always visit a history museum, why not save yourself time, money, and a trip by using the Civilizations AR app instead?

This app brings more than 30 cultural treasures and ancient relics to life. With Civilizations AR, you can transform your iPhone into a mobile historical museum. Using the app you can discover artifacts in 3D renderings that are extremely real and lifelike. It’ll feel as if you’re holding the actual item in your own hands!

With the AR features, you can zoom in and spin items around so that you can get a good look and enjoy the full effect of each relic. Some even offer in-depth interactive features such as narrations and x-ray views so that you can learn the history and secrets of each treasure.

2. Mondly

If you ever wanted to learn a foreign language, Mondly is the app to use Mondly uses traditional language learning techniques paired with augmented reality to make learning more engaging and interactive.

Mondly uses visualizations of objects and words as well as an animated chat-bot. The app even offers instant feedback on errors and pronunciation so that you can perfect the language of your choosing. The app teaches more than 33 different languages including:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Greek
  • Swedish
  • Farsi
  • German

Mondly even offers daily lessons so that you can stay on track. With the app, you can learn core words, learn phrases, and form sentences in just a few minutes!

3. Google Maps

Google Maps has been around since 2004, but the application has grown and improved throughout the last decade and a half. The newest version of the app introduces Live View, which uses augmented reality features to get people from point A to point B.

Using Live View you can more easily find your way around town. The app works by superimposing directional arrows and virtual signs over your live camera view to point you in the right direction to get to your location.

This augmented reality feature is great for travelers who are in a foreign place or for someone who has just moved to a new location. With this app, you’ll never take a wrong turn ever again!

4. Big Bang AR

Learning about the cosmos and space is mind-blowing, but could you ever imagine being able to see them for yourself? Big Bang AR allows you to do just that. This is an app that was developed from collaboration between Google Arts & Culture and CERN. The app brings the beauty and amazement of the cosmos right into your home.

Using augmented reality renderings, you can see and experience everything that goes on in our universe, including how our own solar system came to be. You can also use the app to experience the final moments of a supernova or see how a planet forms, including planet Earth!

5. Dance Reality

Have you always wanted to learn salsa, bachata, or hip-hop dance, but just don’t have the time? If you’ve got an iPhone, you can perfect any style of dance with the Dance Reality app. This app turns your device into a mobile dance instructor.

The augmented reality-powered app teaches the basic footwork and timings of all sorts of dance styles, ranging from the waltz to hip-hop to bachata. The app offers virtual instructions in the form of animated footprints that appear directly in your environment, so you can learn to dance in your bedroom, living room, or anywhere you may be!

Dance Reality also offers instructional videos that include professional dancers.


If you have an iPhone, you have access to dozens of amazing augmented reality apps that can make everyday life more convenient and even entertaining. Whether you want to learn more about space, want to learn a new language or dance, or need help getting directions to a place you’ve never been, these apps allow you to do just that.

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