New International School in Bangkok Opening Soon

New International School in Bangkok Opening Soon

For Thai and expat parents looking for new educational opportunities for their children, there is a new international school in Bangkok opening soon that you should know about. Verso International School takes a future-ready approach to education that is new, exciting and suits children of all backgrounds and cultures. 

No one knows precisely what the future holds. But we’ve seen specific changes among the cutting-edge businesses involved in creating society’s most significant advances in technology, engineering, science and bio-science, to name just a few. 

These companies have researched methods to increase their productivity and provide a creative and supportive environment for their contributors to perform their best work. We’ve seen the death of the cubicle mentality that forced people to work alone, cut off from their peers in the workplace and devoid of outside input of new ideas. 

Nowadays, the companies that have been the most successful embrace the diversity and disruptive ideas of their employees. They’ve created collaborative work environments that foster the greatest accomplishments and further the company’s goals. And Verso International School in Bangkok has taken note of the way these successful companies are being organized. 

Partnership with IDEO

Instead of creating a curriculum that teaches required subjects in the abstract, Verso International school takes a holistic, project-based approach to their curriculum that better prepares students for a career in a forward-looking environment. 

They’ve partnered with IDEO, a San Francisco-based design company with roots in California’s Silicon Valley. IDEO has provided in-depth research and analysis into what makes the best learning environment. Together with Verso International School, they’ve designed a curriculum and school environment that harnesses the best organizational ideas from leading businesses worldwide. 

Collaboration is Key

Instead of organizing the school environment and curriculum based on the traditional grade structure, They’ve taken an innovative approach that divides students into cohort groups of up to 150 students. These cohort groups are composed of two grade levels and guided by a group of educators dedicated to each cohort group. 

This creates a mutually supportive environment where collaboration is the key to learning. The cohort groups will undertake a project-based school day where each project will focus on the individual subjects such as math, science and language. 

The projects will feature real-world applications of these subjects that will be easier for the students to grasp than the traditional abstract, rote lessons of the past. 

Preparing Students for the Future

In adopting this type of curriculum, this new and innovative international school in Bangkok will better prepare students for making significant contributions to society in the future.

They will also develop into happy, well-adjusted people with the self-confidence to pursue their dreams and passions in an empathetic and collaborative manner. 

Visit Verso International School

Contact Verso International School in Bangkok to schedule a consultation and tour of their purpose-built facilities in Bangna. Find out what the future of education looks like and learn more about the special programs that will prepare your child to succeed in the coming years.          

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